Top Eyeliner Trends for Regular Eye Make-up Looks

Top Eyeliner Trends for Regular Eye Make-up Looks

Applying eyeliner casts such a magic spell on your bare eyes that it transforms the entire look. Be it Kajal, Eyeliner, or Kohl, or whatever you want to call it, is the most lovable make-up product used by nearly every woman. As teenagers, we all gravitated toward the eyeliner during our teenage years and used to spend hours trying to practice how to apply eyeliner.

Just when we were trying to ace that winged eye look, new eyeliner trends popped up and became the first choice of millennial women. These easy-to-follow latest trends will make you look gorgeous and you would want to wear eyeliner every day. Just when you thought applying eyeliner is all about using authentic Eyeliner to create eye make-up looks, we are here to tell you how you can apply eyeliner perfectly and add a dash of boldness in different ways.

Types of Eyeliners that Every Girl Should Know

Eyeliner Pen

When you can’t get enough of the dramatic cat-eye or winger eyeliner look, one thing that makes every day make-up smooth is Eyeliner Pen. With a fine tip just like a pen, these eyeliners help to draw precise lines both thick and thin and without breaking or creasing. In addition, the ultra-fine tip of these exceptional eyeliners allows easy gliding without any interruptions. You can underline your upper lids and draw bold lines below the waterline as well. With one stroke of SERY Panache Eyeliner Pen, one can easily create a smudge-free look and flaunt black, intense, high shine, and dramatic eyes. The tip runs over eyelids without any skips and long lasts for 24 hours.

Eye Pencil

If you are in quest of a make-up product that does the work of Kajal and liner both in one go then all you need is Eye Pencil. It is perfect to accentuate those eyes by gliding with ease and giving a crease-proof finish, that too in different colors. If you are a complete novice at applying eyeliner, SERY colored eye pencils are extremely beginner-friendly, come in versatile color shades and look beautiful on all types of eye shapes. To nail a simple yet dramatic eye look in daily life, colored eye pencil is your right call. They are smooth, highly pigmented, have a creamy texture, and leave behind a dark and velvety finish.

Eyeshadow as Eyeliner

Using Eyeshadow Palette Kit as eyeliner in different colors is a brilliant eye make-up hack. Eyeshadow and eyeliner both enhance the natural appearance of the eyes adding depth and color. Using different hues of colors from the Eyeshadow palette allows you to experiment with different eye makeup looks and adds a touch of glam to the traditional jet black eyeliner look. You can begin by blending a light shade all over the crease area followed by drawing a thin line in another color across the eyelids. Repeat the same process under the waterline to add dimension to the eyes.

Kajal Eyeliner

As an essential make-up product, Eye Kajal is one such make-up product found in every girl’s beauty bag. It gives a bold and sharp look to the eyes and highlights both upper and lower lids. The ultra-pigmented Kajal with a creamy and bold finish can underline your crease area and also highlights the area which is below the waterline. With a single-stroke application of SERY Black Pro Ultimate Kajal, you can pull off a minimalistic look all bold in black color. You can create an array of new looks using SERY Kajal pencil and experiment with thin and thick lines both.

And that’s how you can unleash the inner diva by experimenting with a sultry cat-eye look to a casual chick look.