What is the Right Way to Apply Compact Powder with Perfection?

What is the Right Way to Apply Compact Powder with Perfection?

As soon as the scorching heat of the summer season shows up, it becomes inevitable to upgrade the make-up game. Let’s just be honest, keeping the make-up intact without letting it smear is a tough task during the summer season. Whether you spend a few minutes or an hour applying the make-up base, not setting it right ruins it all. But don’t worry; we have got you the best solution that instantly sets your make-up without settling in fine lines and also extends the wear time of the base.

After using Face Make-up Products, it becomes your holy grail to set it using the right compact powder. Using the right type of face powder gives you a soft, natural glow by soaking the sweat and oil from certain parts of the face. The lightweight texture of this product does not feel heavy on the skin and blends evenly to give a natural-looking shine and matte effect. And if you want something that works on your skin well, then follow these tips and tricks on the best way to apply Compact Powder.

How to Ace the Right Method of Applying Compact Powder?

Prep by Cleansing and Moisturizing

Start by simply prepping your face similar to what you do for any make-up look. Wash your face with any mild cleanser and then hydrate and moisturize using a cream. After this, just to be sure make-up stays for long, prime your face using SERY Perfect Finish Face Primer. It completely melts with the skin leaving it soft and velvety and helps to create a smooth canvas for an even make-up base and blurs all the facial imperfections. 

Apply Foundation and Dab it Evenly

No make-up base is complete without foundations therefore take a few drops of Liquid Foundation and apply them in small dots all over your face. If you need a full-coverage to hide all the skin imperfections like dark spots, acne marks and dark circles then don’t forget to apply a concealer that is in the same shade as your foundation. They offer the right base for a foundation; however, the way you apply depends upon your personal choice. 

Start Applying Compact Powder

Compact Powder can be used either after applying foundation to set the make-up or to give lightweight base with medium coverage. For the smooth application, always use a puff that comes along with the SERY Go Bare Compact Powder or a sponge to dab the powder on the face. For the sheer coverage, simply dust the powder, and for setting the base make-up on oily skin, always use a powder brush to distribute the product for an even finish. Using a brush helps to absorb oil and sweat giving long-lasting shine.

Things to Keep In Mind While Applying Compact Powder

  • While applying compact powder on the face, make sure to dab some around the neck as well so that the complexion of both the areas looks the same.
  • In case you have oily skin, then use a blotting paper first to wipe off excess sweat and then apply some compact powder to seal the make-up, especially in the areas like T-zone where the skin gets oilier.
  • Pick the compact powder shade closest to your skin color that you can find by doing the patch test while buying.
  • To keep your make-up base look refreshing through-out the day, keep a compact powder with you to give a quick touchup on the go.

And that’s it! Follow this extensive guide on how to apply compact powder for keeping your make-up away from becoming cakey or patchy.