Easy-to-Follow Guide to Win Eyebrow Game At Home

Easy-to-Follow Guide to Win Eyebrow Game At Home

Well-shaped eyebrows have become a prominent make-up element that adds confidence and boldness to our personality. Brows are naturally beautiful however exploring different brow styles to get the precisely arched shape and definition is getting more popular day by day. When eyebrows are properly groomed and filled, they make you look completely different, frame the face well and elevate your overall style. Over the years, basic eyebrow make-up has changed completely and people are going crazy for the trending eyebrow fashion of this new era.

Whether you are genetically blessed with fuller eyebrows or have thin lines, using an Eyebrow Pencil is for everyone. Using a brow pencil is great for daily use that quickly fills in the bald spots in the brows and provides natural-looking coverage. These pencils are highly pigmented and give stunning color pay-off along with the precise application. Here’s the step-by-step guide to getting perfect eyebrows at home along with volume and density that too by just using a Brow Pencil. 

Easy Ways to Fill in Eyebrows At Home

Pick the Right Brow Shape

The first thing that we need to do is identify the face and brow shapes that also compliment each other. Well-defined shape of the brows instantly lifts the face, therefore figure out the right shape before using Brow Pencil. It can be a tricky task for beginners, but you can find your perfect style in just three easy steps. Hold the pencil between the brows and observe where the pencil is meeting the brow line. Next, hold the pencil on the side of the nose and the point hitting the brow bone is your arch.

Brush the Eyebrows

Now that you have determined the right shape, the next step is to use Spoolie Brush to make them look naturally brushed. Use it to brush the eyebrow hair upwards towards the temple area for revealing the actual shape and pattern. In case you don’t have a Spoolie Brush, use the applicator or clean wand of Eye Make-up Product like MascaraBrushing the brows highlights and makes the eye area look more lifted and also reveals the actual spots that need to be filled.

Start Filling In and Setting the Eyebrows

Next is the most important step which is filling the eyebrows. Begin with the front side of the brow using SERY Definition Micro Brow Pencil that makes the eyes look captivating and intense with bigger-looking brows. Start stroking the pencil to fill the gaps in the direction of the hair growth pattern. The ultra-thin Micro Brow Pencil is quite definite and coats the finest of hair that ensure hair looks naturally grown. 

Brush the Brows Again and Set Them

Brushing the brows once again after filling will help to blend the color evenly and set the brows properly. This will make the pencil strokes look original and more natural. Also, don’t make the tail of the eyebrows look extended. To give the brows a right pigmented look, avoid exaggerating the tail and instead focus on a smooth, natural and simple-looking curve. 

Don’t forget to add some finishing touch by using SERY Hi-Super Coverage Concealer which quickly covers up extra marks or blemishes around the skin. And you are done! Simply practice these easy steps and you will end up mastering the skill of shaping the eyebrows at home itself.