Amazing Hacks of Matte Lipstick That You Need to Know

Amazing Hacks of Matte Lipstick That You Need to Know

Matte Lipsticks are one of the hottest make-up trends these days. Unlike glossy texture, Matte Lipsticks are usually more pigmented, opaque and give long-lasting results without smudging. To get a long lasting result on lips, you need to know the right way to apply lipstick so it does not bleed or start feathering. If you are wondering how to make your matte lipstick last longer and avoid drying the lips, then refer to this blog to find out more. Embrace the long-lasting lip color that remains dark, pigmented, and crease-proof with these helpful hacks.

Matte Lipstick Hacks that Every Girl Should Know

Exfoliate Your Lips First

This hack is a boon for Lipstick as it keeps away from smudging and budging. Before applying lipstick, always exfoliate the lips to ensure removing dead skin cells and flakes that buildup on the upper surface. You can use any gentle scrub to exfoliate the lips daily to keep them supple, soft and even. Use a soft cotton cloth to gently rub the lips during exfoliation in a circular motion. This enhances the natural color of lips as well as the results of the lip color. 

Keep them Hydrated and Moisturized

If your lips feel dry and chapped after applying Lipstick then it could be probably because of a lack of moisture. To maintain the moisture level of lips, apply any lip balm that has hydration elements. Every time you apply lipstick, first of all, glide a thin layer of lip balm and then apply Lipcolor. It will leave a deep color with a fuller and matte look. 

Apply Primer before Applying Lipstick

Priming the lips always helps to keep the color long-lasting and ensures a smooth application. If you don’t have a Lip Primer then you can also wear Longwear Foundation which can create a smooth and even canvas for the even application without becoming cakey.

Always Bloat Lipstick with a Tissue Paper

This is one of the effective lipstick hacks that can actually do wonders. After swiping lipstick, make sure to blot with tissue paper. It keeps the lipstick intact throughout the day. Apply one layer and then blot with tissue paper and then apply the second layer if you want a darker shade. It soaks all the excess lipstick that has a higher chance of smudging and bleeding. 

Apply Concealer to Outline the Edges

If you don’t have a Lip Liner then don’t worry as you can use any High Coverage Concealer to draw a neat and precise line around the lips for seamless application of lipstick. Coloring the outer line always helps with the fading effect that avoids the color getting wiped or smudged. 

Clean the Lipstick with Make–Up Remover

We all find it difficult to get rid of the lipstick stains that don’t come off despite washing rigorously. Use SERY Melt Up Make–up Remover for gentle cleansing of the lipstick without causing any harm to the lips. This make-up remover is made up of care ingredients like Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Lavender Oil, and Green Tea and cleans every heap of make-up on the face

Now that you know how to make most of your Matte Lipstick, get yourself SERY Stay On Matte Crayon Lipstick and feel the magic of creamy matte texture on your lips.