Foundation Stick: New Found Love Of Every Make-up Buff

Foundation Stick: New Found Love Of Every Make-up Buff

Just being honest, we all have stolen glances from our female counterparts at work or any social gathering whose face was lit with on-point make-up. But what is that X factor that constructs a strong base for long-lasting make-up? The one-word answer to this is, applying the right foundation to create a make-up base that stays throughout the day without fading or breaking apart.

As a millennial, the foundation was one of the first beauty cosmetics that we stole from our mom’s dresser. Gone are the days when foundation came only in liquid form and we used to rub it on our hands first and then applied it on the face for an even base. Welcome to the era of foundation sticks that are long-lasting, easy to apply, and most importantly travel friendly. Now blend your stick like a pro for smooth and intriguing make-up.

Beginner’s Guide on Foundation Stick

The foundation stick is an upgrade to the liquid foundation and has made creating a make-up base easier and more convenient. Foundation stick basically comes in solid-state and eliminates all the challenges of liquid form and struggle to blend it on your face. Simply apply it directly on the corners after moisturizing and you are all set. And the foundation for all skin colors is like icing on the cake.

Proven Reasons Why to Use Foundation Stick Over Liquid Foundation

Saves From the Struggle of Blending

We all have had our share of struggles to blend the liquid foundation which gets piled on the skin and refuses to get mixed. Blending any make-up product is an art and it requires patience to get hands set but imagine foundation in stick form that settles in your skin pores without much hassle. Well, that’s the magic of a foundation stick that provides more pigmentation and full coverage on the face. And everyone should have this in their vanity box because there are different options of foundation for all skin types.

A Perfect Paradise for Oily Skin

The liquid foundation only creates havoc on the face that has oily skin but it’s all sorted now with the help of a foundation stick. For everyone who has ever complained against liquid foundations that make skin look oilier, a simple stroke of the stick will give a dry base, smooth enough to blend other products.

Saves Money on Concealers

Concealer is the right magic wand for perfect make-up to light up any dull skin. Concealer hides all the dark spots and blemishes on the face. But imagine what if the foundation does the dual thing and you save up money and time both. Well, foundation stick is the jack of all trades and will not only give a right base but also makes all the spots and dark circles out of sight.

Does Not Get Leaked

We all are pretty much acquainted with the fact that foundation bottles are always at the risk of spreading or leaking especially if you are on a trip. But the foundation stick is devoid of all such struggle and you can carry it anywhere and anytime without worrying about the make-up foundation getting leaked. Isn’t this your true partner in traveling?

Now if you need more assurance on why to use a foundation stick, get the SERY foundation stick today and thank yourself later for investing in a product worth every buck!