Ace Your Makeup Look With Liquid Lipstick

Ace Your Makeup Look With Liquid Lipstick

What is that makeup product without which any make-up junkie does not leave home? Well, it’s none other than the right shade of lipstick that suits the occasion and the right skin tone. What is so special about lipsticks that it is tagged as the powerhouse of make-up? It’s because every woman looks for a lipstick that mainly includes a long-lasting touch, matte finish, creamy and hydrating texture. If your lippie has all these features then you have all the reasons to pick it up and make your lips look brighter.

Woman’s New Best Friend: Liquid Lipstick

There’s always a second thought going inside the mind of a woman applying lipstick, what if it gets smeared! Needless to say, we all have been there with creamy lipsticks that easily get wiped off if you eat or drink something. But now is the time to replace your lipstick collection with matte liquid lipstick which has already created a buzz in the market. 

Well as the name says itself, liquid lipstick has a non-sticky and non-transferable texture which has spiced up this innovation in the lipstick niche. The long-lasting matte lipstick stays unharmed throughout the day without reminding you to rush to the restroom to do a touch-up. Now that masking is the new normal, liquid lipstick is here to stay you from your struggles with smudged lipstick once you remove the mask.

Dos and Don’ts of a Liquid Lipstick

Many women, who claim to have a thing for lipsticks, don’t know the right way to apply it. But that’s more than okay because we have got your back with all that you need to keep your lipstick game on point.

Things to Include in Your Makeup Steps to Sustain the Lipstick

  • Exfoliate or add moisture to your lips before applying any lipstick. Once done, outline them with lipstick, you will be stunned to see that the texture does not get chapped or breaks from corners.
  • Try to outline the corners with a lip liner to create a base and to give your lips a defined and smudge-free look.
  • Always apply lipstick slowly from the upward direction and then come to the lower corners in an aligned way.
  • If you apply a double coat of the liquid lipstick then wait for the first coat to dry up and then apply the second coat. Make sure to keep the upper and lower lips apart till you are not done or else it might get smeared.

Things to Avoid Doing While Applying a Lipstick

  • Never apply liquid lipstick on dry lips or else it will start wearing out in a cake form.
  • That’s justified to lust for the dark pigmented shade that remains sealed to your lips throughout the day but never misunderstand this with over-applying lipstick. Putting an extra coat of lipstick might result in fallout.
  • Once you are done, wait for a few seconds to let it dry, and then rub the lips to coat it in an even manner.

And that’s how you can radiate your beauty with an invincible lipstick look! And to make your quest for the righteous liquid lipstick easy, you can directly visit SERY’S website and get your hands on all their attractive shades made especially for all makeup lover women.