Top 5 Eye Pencil Hacks to Make Your Eyes Pop

Top 5 Eye Pencil Hacks to Make Your Eyes Pop

If a girl has aced the right make-up technique then she can conquer the entire world. Eye make-up plays a major role in enhancing the entire make-up look. Eye Pencil is one such product that gives sultry, gorgeous, and dramatic eyes. Highly pigmented eye pencils smoothly glide under the waterline and on the eyelids giving a smudge-proof and water-proof finish to the eyes. If you are looking forward to long-lasting eye make-up, having an eye pencil in your make-up pouch is important. And if you have not set your hands on the eye makeup then this blog is your wake-up call. Featuring the best 5 tips that are going to make eye make-up a smooth ride for you with the help of an eye pencil! 

Way To Convenient Eye Make-Up: Eye Pencil

The best part of using an eye pencil is that you can hold it like a pen and draw the lines with ease. The eye pencil defines the eyes with a high pigmented texture and you can hold it like any other Kajal pencil and outline both the eyelids and under the waterline. And to achieve that bold and beautiful look, get your hands on SERY Statement Eye Definer that gives intense color to the eyes locking the eye make-up for 24 hours straight.

Five Easy Tricks to Get the Perfect Eye Look

Pick the Right Eye Pencil

The first thing that you need to consider is which type of eye pencil you are choosing. The eye pencil is considered easiest to apply on the eyes and is best suited for a make-up beginner. You can always consider buying an eye pencil to practice eye make-up. Make sure you are choosing the right product for yourself. Go for the eye pencil that has natural ingredients and is free from chemicals. One of the most important things while buying eye make-up is that the products should have a smooth application and long-lasting effect.

Use Q-Tips to Clean the Uneven Lines in Eye Make-Up 

It’s okay if you make mistake while applying make-up because it is a human tendency. And the best part of using eye pencil is that it offers an easy and smooth application and can be wiped off with the help of Q-tips in case you end up drawing uneven lines. 

Apply Concealer on the Eyelids for Bolder Look

To give a crisp finish to your make-up, you can always add concealer on the eyelids before applying eye pencil. Dab and blend the concealer well and you are good to go! This will give a very neat and finished look to your eyes and make your eyes look bolder than ever. SERY Super Coverage Concealer locks up all the dark spots on the face giving a soft matte finish.

Seal the Look with Mascara and Eye Shadow

There’s a lot more than just applying eye pencil. You can always try new make-up technique using just one eye pencil. For example, once you have applied the eye pencil, use a brush to smudge it and give a smoke effect. Likewise, applying mascara also enhances your eye makeup and highlights the eye pencil.

Play with the Different Hues of Shades

Break the monotony of black kohl and explore your creativity by trying other shades of an eye pencil. SERY Statement Eye definer has four cool shades that can brighten up your eye make-up and reflect the beauty even more. Discover the diva in you with four amazing shades of eye pencil that are cool indigo, aqua grace, sapphire, and sparkling forest.

And there you go with the dazzling look by following the eye pencil hacks. It will make your eye look more dramatic and is more than enough to take anyone’s breath away!