Best Affordable Liquid Foundation for a Natural Summer Makeup

Best Affordable Liquid Foundation for a Natural Summer Makeup

Flawless Canvas for the Art of Beauty

 We love how a few pumps of liquid foundation can offer a canvas to put out our makeup creativity with utmost smoothness. There’s something about a lightweight and seamless foundation that tempts you to channel the inner makeup artist in you. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newbie embarking on the makeup journey, we have this revolutionary vegan foundation that serves the best of its high performance in no time. Quit hopping from tab to tab and shelf to shelf in search of a perfect and affordable liquid foundation because SERY is here.

We are going to talk about our best-selling and makeup artist-approved best liquid foundation – SERY Satin Flawless Long Wear Foundation which is just perfect for every occasion. Need to hit the road in the scorching sun? No worries, this will give you protection with its UVA-UVB filters. Did you say, minimum coverage? That’s great! Because it is curated with buildable formula, you can always start with less. Wished for a hydrating foundation, *disclaimer – you are going to taste addiction” because this foundation is suitable for dry skin and oily skin, infused with the great benefits of Vitamin E & Hyaluronic Acid. Stunned by the features of this flattering diva? Stay tuned while we elaborate in detail about it.       

What makes it the best foundation for the summer?

Foundation for Summer

Humid Hero                

Don’t worry, if the temperature rises high, this foundation has the ability to stay intact. The formula promises to sit comfortably on the skin by fighting the summer heat and keeping the complexion looking fresh & creaseless all day long. We’ve sourced the finest ingredients just for you to love makeup even during summer which offers a shine-free finish by being sweat-resistant.


Calling out the no-makeup, makeup lovers in the house! Here’s your most searched makeup product – a buildable foundation that is an expert at giving medium to high coverage, transforming your visage into a masterpiece, just the way you want it. This weightless beauty offers a satin smooth shine giving a luminous glow to the skin just in a few pumps, it takes the less is more concept to an unimaginable level! We know how much you hate layering too much product in summer, don’t worry, We got you! 


This foundation has an extensive list of benefits that makes it the best vegan foundation in the market, it goes beyond an extent to give you more than a natural-looking finish. What sets it apart from its contemporaries? It has powerful sun filters (gives protection) and radiance-awakening ingredient Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E (gives a touch of care) which energizes the skin instantly improving the unevenness (providing even canvas) of the skin. The best bit? As its name suggests, it is a long-wear (long-lasting) foundation. Isn’t this the queen you wanted to rule your summer makeup realm? This foundation also has an impressive shade range that syncs right with all Indian skin tones. Try this and experience the joy of magic as it unfolds its benefits throughout the day.

 Is this the best foundation for dry skin?

Yes, this satin-smooth foundation offers sheer coverage without any dry patches, giving a flawless finish of eight hours of beauty sleep. How? The versatile formulation goes a long way *just like your ideal love partner* by blending beautifully on the skin by adding oodles of hydration and locking the moisture with the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E. Bye-Bye flakiness.

 Is this the best foundation for Oily Skin?

Yes, it is. Now you are probably thinking, how can this be suitable for both skin types? We don’t blame you. But here’s the catch! The liquid foundation is made with a formulation that adapts according to the skin type. Therefore, the lightweight foundation treats oily skin well without getting greasy or feeling heavy. Plus, it also gets a bonus! The care of the skin-loving ingredients.

How to apply liquid foundation for a flawless & natural makeup

Step 1: Always Follow your CTM (Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturiser)

Ensure to have a clean canvas for a smooth application, that’s why cleanse, tone, and moisturize with your regular CTM product to wash off the dirt and grime.

Step 2: Always Prime The Face



Apply an even layer of SERY Perfect Finish Face Primer to blur the pores, create a smooth surface for the foundation to glide in, and increase the longevity of the makeup.

Step 3: Warm up the Foundation


Because it is a liquid foundation, famous makeup artists advise taking a little amount on the back of the hand and warming it by rubbing it in a circular motion. Doing this amplifies the performance of the product. If you dream of a sun-kissed dewy makeup look, mix it with our Shea Butter and Vitamin E-infused liquid highlighter. A few drops of SERY Glow Dots Illuminating Highlighter allow you to immerse yourself in the sun-kissed embrace of summer.

Step 4: Blend It With The Damped Beauty Blender


Why a damped one? Because the dry blender absorbs your foundation leading to wastage of it. But, if you wet it and wring out the excess water, the sponge swells and ensures the product won’t be absorbed, it will rather give an airbrush finish that looks natural.

Step 5: Set It With A Compact Powder

Set the base with Go Bare Compact Powder, it gives a matte finish and absorbs the excess oil from the face. Your skin is going to thank you because this beauty is also enriched with Vitamin E and SPF-15, there is so much care along with the beauty!

Step 6: Add A Pop of Color


For an accentuated look, take SERY Illu-Matte Blush + Highlighter Duo which is packed with the goodness of Hyaluronic Acid and be used not only on blush and highlighter but also on the eyelids for a glam look. Choose your shade palette and create a hydrated makeup look with this duo power!

After reading this we’ve fallen head over heels in love with this foundation, and cannot miss out on adding this to the cart. Hurry up! Choose your shade and take your makeup to extraordinary heights.

Nisha Rathi
Author: Nisha Rathi
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