How to do Makeup for Girls Who Wear Glasses – Highlight your Best Feature

How to do Makeup for Girls Who Wear Glasses – Highlight your Best Feature

What are the two challenges girls who wear specs face? First one, struggling to do eye makeup, and the second, an add-on, to create the same makeup without wearing glasses. To overcome this you play smart by wearing stylish glasses. Well, we tell you to take full advantage of that. How? Your stylish glasses are your walking spotlight, that’s why create minimal eye makeup and play up with the feature. Dear makeup lovers who wear specs, God has finally answered your prayers! Make your inevitable partner the part of that peeper drama by pulling off the best makeup ideas you’ve bookmarked for ages because we are going to unfold the best ways to create the look.

Shape your Brows


When it comes to eye makeup, eyebrows are the most important feature that needs to be shaped. No matter if it is going to be hidden under glasses, it is essential to groom and shape them to add a frame to the face, just ensure the shape goes well with the specs. To make them stand out, use SERY Definition Micro Brow Pencil and sculpt them  for that defined arch. Once you use this brow pencil, there’s no going back because it comes packed with the benefits of Argan Oil and Vitamin E that conditions and boosts the healthy growth of brow hair. Fill. Shape. Define. In no time. Trust us, it is equal to winning half the battle.

Conceal the Dark Circles


Didn’t think this would be a necessary affair? It is because glasses cast an extra shadow under the eyes which makes them appear darker. *We hear the sighs of ohhhhh!* to counteract them, and brighten up the under eyes, concealing cannot be ignored because it helps to neutralise the discoloration. Also, it is essential to understand that the glasses give a color of reflection, therefore, it becomes imperative to neutralise the existing unevenness so that the reflection doesn’t look haywire.  If you have extremely dark under eyes then bring the master – color corrector. This tiny buddy is packed with powers to create magic in a few dabs. Apply a little orange color corrector, and blend it well. After that, add a layer of SERY Hi-Cover Super Coverage Concealer, which comes with the goodness of Caffeine, Macadamia Oil, Squalane, and many more care ingredients to keep the eyes relaxed and moisturised. Once done with the concealer, add a layer of foundation, calling out for even makes things better! Apply SERY Satin Flawless Longwear Foundation, Blend! Blend! Blend! The best thing about this liquid foundation, it is infused with Hyaluronic Acid and UAV & UVB filters to protect the skin from dehydration and other harmful effects.

Blend it creating a seamless finish because you don’t want the stamp of your glasses nose pad to take the shape on the nose and ruin the makeup. For this, always finish up the base by adding a dab of compact powder, this product is expert at absorbing sweat, therefore, it works perfectly well in the area where your nose pad sits.

Never Skip Contouring & Blush


You must have noticed that your facial feature loses dimension and gives a flat look after wearing glasses. It is because the glasses have covered the deepest groove on our facial structure, the eye socket region. Therefore, to add a definition to our face, contouring the area where the eye socket and nose area are connected. Swipe the contour from the SERY Oh-So-Nice Face Palette, which is a great fusion of highly pigmented Blush, Contour, and Highlighter, your best makeup product to give the face the required shape and definition. Now, comes the nose bridge, your nose often seems to look small after wearing glasses, because glasses give an illusion of starting point where the glass bridge ends. Therefore, to restore the visual balance apply contour to the seagull wing line i.e. tip of the nose, which lies along the outline of the nostrils by creating a “U” shape shadow. Take the shadow upward to the nose bridge with the help of the brush. Also, apply a highlighter on the seagull wing line.

The glasses divide our face into 2 sections, that’s why avoid swirling the blush far too low to your cheeks because it will pull down the face shape. The correct placement of blush is at the region connecting your eye makeup and cheeks.

Apply Eye Shadow


Now, here’s where the fun begins! Your glasses are like a walking spotlight for your face, so let’s make them the star of the show. Embrace bold frames, unique shapes, or vibrant colors that reflect your personal style. They can instantly transform your entire look and add a touch of glamour to your everyday routine. How to do eye makeup for girls who wear glasses is what you often struggle with, right? Don’t let glasses stop you from flaunting your creativity because you can create endless eye makeup with SERY Best Eye Shadow. When it comes to eye shadow, simplicity is key. Opt for neutral shades that complement your skin tone and enhance your eye color. Matte or soft shimmery shades from SERY Day to Night Eye Shadow – Dress Me Up works best for a natural and effortless look. Apply the shadow across your lids with the applicator that comes with the 4-in-1 palette and blend it out towards the crease. The highly pigmented shades will blend perfectly adding a great dimension to your eyes without overpowering your frames.

Define with Eyeliner


If you have been living the myth that girls wearing glasses need to keep their eye makeup very simple, then it’s time to press the Shift + delete to that thought. Because bold and bright eye makeup can add a great look to the eyes, the trick is to create the shape depending on the size of your frames. That’s an easy affair, right? The thicker your frame, the thicker your eyeliner so that the specs don’t overpower your effort. To make your eye makeup more interesting add a stroke of color eyeliner and for a subtle elegance bring out your best liquid eyeliner – SERY Stay On Matte Liquid Eyeliner. It gives a precise application in one swipe with an even finish that dries quickly, lending a smudge-proof look. Bliss, isn’t it? Allow us to make it divine! This vegan eyeliner is enriched with the goodness of Argan Oil that boosts hydration.

Keep Kajal & Mascara Close to Your Eyes


Add volume and length by wiggling an eye mascara that is an expert at upgrading your natural lashes with an elongated and thickening finish. Always curl your lashes upward than thick-straight to avoid the rubbing of lashes against the frame. While curling with an eyelash curler, curl and bend it upward, and later finish up with a volumizing mascara. For a long-lasting effect use SERY XpressLash Volumizing Mascara, it is made with an hourglass wand that gives clump-free lashes and the goodness of Castor Oil keeps them nourished and strong. To make your eye look bigger and wide, swipe a black kajal pencil that lasts for 24 hours and is fortified with the benefits of Rosehip Oil because you want those eyes to feel relaxed every time.

Lip Liner For Further Dimension

Makeup is an art to bring out the best artistry, playing well with the shape and dimension is the key to unlocking the best makeup look. Pucker that pout by gliding a highly pigmented lip liner – SERY Edge It All Lip Liner, it gives a perfect shape and works as the dual power by working as the lipstick. Just outline and fill. Wow! A win-win situation for you. Keep your lip makeup mellow if you opt for heavy makeup, if your eye makeup is subtle, you can always add a shine by swiping your best friend Butter Shine Lip Gloss.

Specs beauties, problem solved! Take your love for makeup to glorious heights with our specially curated makeup tutorial just for you.

Anushka Jain
Author: Anushka Jain
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