Best Vegan Makeup Products Benefits to Give Your Skin that Extra Care

Best Vegan Makeup Products Benefits to Give Your Skin that Extra Care

#VeganMakeup is buzzing all over the internet and has gained widespread popularity with skyrocketing demand everywhere. Can we blame anyone? No, because it is causing a ripple for all the right reasons. The surprising benefits are not only limited to the well-being of your skin but also treating the environment with utmost care. Vegan makeup means products that are not made from ingredients derived from animals, which can damage your nurtured skin The products are curated with the soothing essence of skin-loving ingredients which have no involvement of hash chemicals that tends to cause many skin-related issues.

Drum roll enters – SERY Cosmetics! Welcome to the caring world of SERY where everything only radiates care, love, and kindness. Here, beauty meets compassion. We firmly believe that one swirl of makeup boosts confidence by enhancing the natural feature. This belief has guided us to meticulously curate our makeup collection to provide you with an exquisite range of products that give you a luxurious feel and a commitment to stick to cruelty-free principles. Stay tuned with us as we take you to the realm of beauty that gives your skin remarkable benefits and pampers it with unrivalled care!

What Makes a Makeup Vegan?


No Animal-Driven Ingredient: When we talk about Vegan products, we prioritize those that are free from animal-derived ingredients. SERY believes in supporting an ethical and sustainable approach while researching and crafting any makeup product. That’s why we ensure that products are free from the ingredients such as Lanolin, Shellac, Squalene, Guanine Collagen, and more. These ingredients are mostly animal-driven and should be avoided at every cost. Turn your ingredient detective on and always check the ingredients in the packaging before adding them to your makeup arsenal.

Feel confident and free to use SERY Makeup Products that are curated without relying on animal-driven sources, they are instead curated with caring ingredients and ones that are nowhere coming from animals. Keep a compassionate intention towards beauty and choose products that align with your values.

Not Tested On Animals: Vegan makeup is Cruelty-free, always. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this kind of beauty of compassion which:

  • The ingredients used in a product are also not tested on animals and
  • Doesn’t involve testing of final products on animals

It makes the best for you without causing any harm or pain to them so that you can enjoy the color payoff of your matte lipstick and glow like a goddess with the shine of your best highlighter. It’s a win-win situation – the luxury feel of skin-loving makeup that is keeping your conscience clear. Now that’s the kind of confidence SERY gives you, a booster of shine from within.

Benefits of using Vegan Makeup

Less Use of Harsh Chemicals:


Have you ever felt your skin feeling itchy, uncomfortable, and heavy after applying makeup?  Such a buzz killer, right? Well, ladies, it’s time to unlock the detective hidden inside you. Play ingredient detective! Check the ingredients of your product, chances are high that it contains a lot of sulfates and is packed with synthetic chemicals. These hazardous ingredients tend to react on the skin and cause irritation. Avoid using these products, understand that makeup is your love and it shouldn’t hurt your skin in any manner.

The team of SERY has worked round the clock to bring products that are free from harmful chemicals and ingredients that are not at all derived from animals. We are all about plant-based goodness! We ensure to blend the ingredient that nurtures and nourishes your skin.

Focuses on Moisturising Formula:

You always prefer to use a product that pampers your skin instead of playing rough, right? That’s why to choose Vegan because it is all about using gentle, skin-loving ingredients like Coca Butter, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Vitamin E, and many more, these beauties are well-known as great at showering nourished love on your skin. The products of SERY don’t compromise your skin health and its performance. Our formulations are like little wizards, working their magic to deliver exceptional results. From our velvety smooth foundations that provide flawless coverage to our highly pigmented eyeshadows that create captivating eye looks, each product in our collection is designed with a touch of nourishing ingredients to give your skin a delightful treat.

No Skin Troubles:

Talking about our uninvited guests, breakouts and acne, they pop up very easily if your makeup product is not curated with non-vegan ingredients. Make Vegan products your skin’s new BFF because by ditching animal-derived ingredients you are also reducing the risk of allergies and sensitivities which leads to pesky patches or annoying blemishes. Bask in the radiance of SERY makeup products that allow your skin to breathe in the freshness of hydration and care with its caring ingredient-infused products.

No Added Fragrance:


 You feel ecstatic when you smell something with an extraordinary fragrance, it uplifts the mood, right? But allow us to spill some secret, product that has excessive fragrance leads to dryness and patches, especially in makeup. If your skin is exposed to fragrances and added makeup products for a prolonged time then it can potentially lead to sensitization, where the skin’s immunity system becomes weak and reacts adversely. We don’t mean to fret you. Do nothing and trust SERY, all the products have a natural fragrance of the skin-loving ingredient which is not a threat to the skin. It ensures that the skin feels weightless after applying makeup and is non-reactive. Ah, such pure bliss, it is! 

Feel fabulous inside out with SERY makeup products, that is VEGAN, CRUELTY-FREE and PARABEN-FREE. These makeup beauties only know how to exude nourishment, hydration and give an immaculate finish to the skin. Oh, you can thank us later!

Anushka Jain
Author: Anushka Jain
Anushka Jain is an enthusiast who loves to explore Makeup but with the added element of care through her writing skill. She firmly believes in BEAUTY WITH CARE and thinks that makeup should enhance your skin and confidence both from inside and outside. In her leisure time she loves to create music & songs and enjoys exploring the world & people.