3 Trendy Nail Art Ideas For Short Nails to Amp up the Nail Game

3 Trendy Nail Art Ideas For Short Nails to Amp up the Nail Game

Short but pretty!

Are you one of the lifetime members of short nails and thought nail arts are not just made for you? Well, let us break this myth of yours. Long nails might have been dominating the domain of nail art but, you can also enter the competition. In fact, nail art for shorter nails is easy to create, all you need is the right nail polish and shade. Once you have that, get ready to brighten your dull day because we are going to share some fun and interesting nail art designs that are going to make your short nails the spotlight stealer. Oh, don’t worry if you mess up a bit with the design, you can always say, its modern art! *laughs and winks*

To create all the nail arts we are taking color from our favourite tribe SERY Color Flirt Nail Polish. This collection has an endless array of shades that are infused with Vitamin E and Avocado Oil which keeps the nails healthy by preventing them from discoloration and becoming brittle. The other benefits of these nail polishes are:

Applicator: The U-shape applicator helps in giving a precise application that helps in covering the edges smoothly, with the first application itself.

Chip Resistant: The nail polishes are curated with chip-resistant technology that doesn’t let color come off by chipping and stays intact for long.

Long-lasting: It stays up to six days without losing its shine and finish.

Quick-drying Time: After applying, it takes a few seconds to dry, which means no hassle of smudging.

Also don’t forget to seal the deal with SERY Top It With Care which is meticulously built with 67% plant-based ingredients to give your nails the benefits provided by the goodness of plants.

Flower Power


Nail art almost seems incomplete without having a floral element in it! Well, short and cute nails family you are lucky because experts say that floral nail art looks extremely gorgeous when they are painted on short nails. That’s why we have chosen this beautiful floral theme nail art which can be created in a jiffy! All you need is SERY Color Flirt Nail Polish in the shade White Beauty – AO 21 for flowers and Rare Bare – AOS – 19 as the base color. Before creating your piece of art, always apply a base coat – SERY Top It With Care and seal the art after completing it with the same base coat. SERY Top It With Care has multiple benefits as it works as a base coat, top coat, and nail strengthener as well.

Swirl of Heart

Create this captivating nail art that will steal many hearts! This love-inspired nail art features beautiful swirls of contrasting complementing colors that give a beautiful blend of a love affair. Create this art with the shades AOS – 09 Pink Grass, AO02 – Cherry Berry Red, and AO21- White Beauty. With the help of a thin paintbrush create these funky swirls in different ways to add a playful touch to the art. Of course, create the heart design on the ring finger (that directly connects to the heart, you know!) and voila! You are ready to steal every heart wherever you go.

The Black Star

We know, you were waiting for Black to enter the game, so here it is. Let your happy-go-lucky bright side unfold with the joyfulness of white stars and the beauty of the black shade. This is also one of the easiest nail art for short nails, all you need is to channel your celestial energy and you’ll create this smile yet elegant nail art in a jiffy. Take shade Charcoal Black – AO22 for that black canvas and shade Pure Moon – AOS 21, to create the stars, wow, love that irony! If you are unsure about your skill then you can get the stencils of stars, paint them with white nail polish, and stamp it on the nails! Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, how wonderful is your art.

Hey, don’t forget to give it a clean & finished touch. Wipe off the excess with the help of nail wipes – Move On Nail Enamel Remover. These travel-friendly wipes are encased in a compact box and are infused with the goodness of Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and Olive Oil that will keep the nails nourished without letting them dry out.

Wait no more and grab your nail art kit because short nails are going to make an entry with the coolest and trendy nail art that is surfacing all over the internet.

Anushka Jain
Author: Anushka Jain
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