Best Gifting Ideas for Mother’s Day with SERY Vegan Makeup Products

Best Gifting Ideas for Mother’s Day with SERY Vegan Makeup Products

Mother – This word exudes the unmeasurable emotion of LOVE. From the moment we are born, she wraps us up in the warmth of her arms and constantly nurtures us by showering her unwavering care laced with tons of scoldings; such is the love of a mother – selfless and boundless. We are always going to be in the adulation of love she has showered on us. However, with a few beautiful gestures, we can express what we feel for her and how thankful and blessed we are to have her. They say, makeup is the second love of a mother, the first one is obviously YOU. That’s why we came up with the idea to round up a list of affordable makeup products for Mother’s Day to make your gifting process easy and bring a wide smile to your mum’s face. You can thank us later This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate her beauty (which she has passed onto you) and motherhood by acknowledging the amount of love she has poured into our lives through Vegan Makeup products that take care of her skin.

9-in-1 Eye Shadow Palette – Aurora Eye Shadow Palette


Her wardrobe must be filled with beautiful sarees and clothes, to complement those she definitely needs a versatile makeup product that can help her create any look she desires. That’s when we thought of our supreme beauty – Aurora Eye Shadow Palette. It comes in 3 different shade palettes, Cosmo Delight, Beyond Beauty, and Gold Show, each curated with a blend of beautiful matte and shimmer shades. Are you wondering what will make her love this eye shadow palette? The palette has been designed to carry anywhere and everywhere, be it a wedding, office, or trip. This one product fulfils a lot of makeup needs because this can also be used as a blush, lipstick, eyebrow enhancer, and much more. Struck the right cord, isn’t it? That’s mom, she is absolutely going to love something that is an expert in doing multiple works just like she does! Ah, what a perfect gift that not only adds colors to her makeup vanity but also resembles her versatility.

Blush and Highlighter Duo – Illu Matte Blush and Highlighter Duo

This beauty product is a treasure trove filled with hues that give radiance like your mother’s smile, add warmth like her love, and gives dimension as she gives to your life, another beauty that resembles her characteristics. Fortified with the goodness of Hyaluronic Acid, one swipe of this duo makes the skin feel hydrated and nourished. Each shade palette is curated with a unique combination of matte blush and shimmer highlighter transforming her natural complexion into a canvas of glowing beauty. Illu Matte Blush and Highlighter Duo comes in a spectrum of 4 shades – Coral Shine, Dazzling Nude, Mauve Sheen, and Pink Glow, made to suit every Indian skin tone and occasion. Best part? The highly pigmented textures and buttery finishes make each shade application a dream, just like how a mother’s embrace makes us feel comforted and light. What more does she need to amp up her makeup game? Whether she is a makeup novice or a seasoned pro this duo will provide the endless possibility to create an array of makeup looks. Hurry up and add this work of art to the cart now!

Lipstick and Lip Liner – Mattish Lip Color & Edge It All Lip Liner


This dynamic duo of beauty works together perfectly to create a luscious pout that can light up the whole room, just like our mum has a superpower to light up our life with her strong guidance. Lip Liner is an expert at providing sculpted and precise definitions while lipstick adds a bloom of color and shine to the lips. The club of this duo will make your mum smile beautifully and lively,  exactly how she adds beauty to your life. Whether you choose a bold matte lipstick or a subtle nude shade, the collection of Mattish Lip Color has a huge range of colors to elevate every makeup mood. The cherry on the cake is a caring ingredient, the lipstick is infused with Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter, and Jojoba Oil to give the lips the utmost protection and moisturization making this product the best pick for your mother. To accentuate her pretty smile, pick Edge It All LipLiner. This waterproof beauty will work best for that mothers Day dinner because it is made with a long-lasting formula that ensures she is selfie-ready every minute at the table. It’s a small but meaningful way to show her how much you appreciate everything she does for you.

Nail Polish – Color Flirt Nail Enamel

Nail polish is a great way of expressing the wave of rainbow color happiness mothers bring into our life. This tiny bottle of joy transforms a simple manicure into a glamorous look just in a single swipe. That’s why we picked Color Flirt Nail Enamel – Summer Collection. The shades of this nail polish match with summer vibe which is also infused with care ingredients like Avocado Oil and Vitamin E. Every stroke of this glossy nail paint is like a small act of self-care, reminding your mum to take a moment and pamper herself. Gift this long-lasting beauty (up to 6 days) that will help her create a statement look whenever she steps out of the house. Not only this, our vegan nail polishes come with a U-shape applicator that makes application an easy affair plus the nail paint dries up quickly after applying which means no messy nails. Just like how your mom would want your room to be wink.

Wait no more and grab these beauties quickly because Mother’s Day is around the corner. This small gesture will take her to cloud 9 and make her day.

Nisha Rathi
Author: Nisha Rathi
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