What is The Right Way to Remove Kajal from Eyes?

What is The Right Way to Remove Kajal from Eyes?

One swipe of bold and jet black Kajal is all you need to up your eye game! Using a SERY Black Kajal Pencil is one of the most unique and beautiful things about Indian make-up that compliments both subtle and bold make-up look. People, whose eye make-up is always on point, don’t step out without enhancing their eyes. Such is the aura of a high pigmented Kajal that gives a charismatic look to the eyes but at the same time doing away the Kajal is a bit daunting task. Fact that it is mostly applied under the waterline hence it can’t be cleaned merely with plain water. To get rid of the smudge-proof Kajal, there are some easy ways that gently wipe off the heap of Kajal without causing itchiness and inflammation in the eyes. To know more, continue reading this blog.

Easy Method of Removing Kajal with Make-up Remover

Make-up Remover is a high alternative in case you are looking for ways to get rid of the Kajal off your eyes. SERY Make-up Remover is particularly made for removing away every bit of make-up from the base gently and at the same time providing the hydration the face needs. It is indeed one of the best solutions available to cast off the Kajal residue from the waterline, crease area and eye corner.

Steps to Get Rid of Kajal by Using Make-up Remover

Pick the Right Make-up Remover

Choose the right make-up remover that suits your skin and cleanses the pores effectively. Using SERY Melt-up Make-up Remover is an effective cleansing alternative that is infused with Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Green Tea and Lavender Oil that ensures supple skin, improved texture and appearance. 

Pour Some Drops into a Bowl to Use

Next, take a few drops in a bowl and soak a cotton pad that is soft and big enough to wipe off the Kajal. Now press the cotton pads firmly over the eyes and wiggle gently to break down the remains of Kajal. Move the pads in a circular motion all over the eyes so that no stain of make-up remains.

Fold the Cotton Pad for Efficient Cleaning

To avail the maximum use of cotton pads, simply fold the unused section and then swipe on the eyes. Using the same side of the cotton pad continuously to clean the make-up might redeposit the make-up residue on the skin. Hence use both the sides of the wipes or pads and use a fresh one if required.

Practice Skin Care after Using Make-Up Remover

Even though you got rid of the make-up using the liquid remover, the next important step is to further clean the face with water. Make sure to wash your face with plain water to double cleanse the face just in case any stain remains. Apply a mild Facewash all over the face to clean dirt, oil, grease and other impurities that further clog the skin pores. Later use a moisturizer to maintain hydration and softness.

And that’s how you can make most of the Make-up Remover for disposing the Kajal from your eyes! 

Anushka Jain
Author: Anushka Jain
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