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Makeup Basics: How to do Perfect Makeup on Dry Skin During Winter

During winter, achieving flawless smooth makeup becomes a bit challenging for people with dry skin. No matter how hard you try, either the foundation makes the patches or the face ends up looking too dry after finishing the makeup. Before you lose heart and consider giving up on wearing makeup in winter, please hear us out, because we are going to address this issue with a solution that will give you a hassle-free moisturised makeup experience. Just ensure to follow the below-given tips and tricks to get your makeup to glide like butter on the skin without causing any patches.

Never Forget CTM

Never Forget CTM

It’s a basic and the most vital step to follow before applying any kind of makeup. Whether it is a subtle no-makeup or a glam look, cleansing, toning, and moisturising are extremely crucial. Cleanse the face thoroughly to remove all the impurities, dirt and grime. Ensure to apply toner to retain hydration and maintain the pH level of the skin. Apply the moisturiser with a thick creamy texture to give the skin a comfortable feel. For people with dry skin, there’s one more thing that will save the skin from drying in winter, a face serum. Use a serum infused with Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, and other skin conditioning agents because they give intense nourishment to the skin, required during the winter season and help the makeup to glide and blend smoothly.

Pick a Hydrating Primer

Pick a Hydrating Primer

A primer can make or break the whole makeup. Apply a primer that has rejuvenating properties. SÉRY Perfect Finish Face Primer is undeniably the ideal pick for people with dry skin.  It has an ultra-light fluid which is formulated with water-based formula (79% H20) and is enriched with vegetal glycerine for hydration that makes the skin feel refreshed, soft and silky. Apply this evenly on the face and let it sit for a few minutes before going ahead with the makeup.

Opt for Liquid Foundation

Yes, the catch is not hidden inside expensive or fancy brands. The most important thing is you need to understand the formulation of the foundation. Avoid using a foundation that has a matte finish because it will dry up the skin. These foundations tend to stick to the skin making blending a task and forming patches by emphasising the skin texture.  The best foundation for dry skin would be one that gives a dewy and satin flawless finish. SÉRY Satin Flawless Longwear Foundation is a liquid foundation that is curated with Hyaluronic acid which is an expert at retaining hydration for the skin. The lightweight formula stays for all day long without flaking and drying up the skin.

Blend the foundation with a damped beauty blender for a better experience. The blender makes the application easy and smooth by taking away the excess off the skin. Blend in a dab-dab motion, do not rub it or swipe it.

Use Eye Shadow with Creamy Texture

Purely powder-based eye shadow might cause more dryness to the skin. Always opt for the one which has a silky texture because they blend easily on the skin and gives it a radiant look.  SÉRY Aurora Eye Shadow is uniquely crafted to suit all skin types. It has a creamy texture that blends seamlessly without causing any dryness and stays all day long.

Pick the Lipstick with Care Ingredients

In winter lips become chapped and dry, that’s why it is always better to use lipsticks that have moisturising properties. If you are a fan of matte lipsticks then use the one that has nourishing ingredients. SÉRY Matte Care Lipstick is the best pick because it is loaded with the essence of Shea Butter and Vitamin E that has conditioning elements. One stroke of this lightweight lipstick is enough to deliver a strong color payoff and keep the lips moisturised all day long. To add more fun to the lip makeup, you can use SÉRY Butter Shine Lip Gloss, either on the bare lips or on top of the lipstick. This lip gloss is infused with Shea Butter which is considered the best to cure dry lips.

Here’s a secret hack for you, you can also use both the lip products on the cheeks as a blush and highlighter. Use, lipstick as a blush and lip gloss as a highlighter.

These are the few things people with dry skin need to follow to achieve flawless makeup during winter.

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