Hacks on How to Apply Mascara to Achieve Fuller Eye Lashes

Hacks on How to Apply Mascara to Achieve Fuller Eye Lashes

Get ready to amp up your lash game


Getting long, beautifully curled, voluminous and fuller lashes every time while applying mascara is a dream of every girl! Honestly, like a good hair day, girls have good lashes day too. A small amount of mascara can completely transform your appearance if applied carefully. This magical lady can do wonders to the eyelashes, in just a few coats it can double up the effect by giving mesmerising lashes. But, how to achieve it every time and every day is the question popping in your head. Don’t worry, we have the answer to that. Let’s make the eyes pop and questions drop with these hacks of applying mascara and make every head turn.

Apply a Coat of Loose Powder


Yes, loose powder or face powder can do more than just give a matte finish to the face. It can also be used to get fuller, thicker, desirable lashes. This is one of the efficient ways of getting fuller lashes, just remember, less is more. Take a little amount of SÉRY Translucent Face Powder on the makeup brush and gently dust it off on the lashes before applying the mascara. This hack helps because it removes the excess moisture from the lashes.

Wipe it before you Swipe It


Ensure to clean your magical lady, the wand of mascara. A clumpy wand will interrupt the application and give clumpy lashes. That’s why, right before you being the application, take the wand and clean it with the help of tissue paper. While cleaning, twist it carefully so that it takes away the dry and clinging product off the wand which gives smooth and clean swipes.

The technique is the Key

Maybe you didn’t pay attention to this part of the application, but ladies, note it, the technique is the ultimate key to achieving your desired lashes. There’s a different way of holding and wiggling the wand to get voluminous lashes or lengthy curled lashes. How you hold the wand, matters a lot.

Fuller Lashes:

If you are aiming for fuller lashes, then master the wiggle and roll technique. Take SÉRY Xpresslash Volumizing Mascara, keep the wand close to the lashes and wiggle it. When you reach close to the tip of the lashes roll the wand to give it a curling effect. This technique allows the bristles to catch all your lash hair and give it a gravity-defying lift.

Longer Lashes:

If you are aiming for longer lashes, hold the wand vertically and coat the lashes with the tip of the bristles. Be careful and don’t poke the eyes while doing so. For best results, use SÉRY Lash Laminate Mascara, the wand is crafted uniquely which makes it easy to manoeuvre that helps in achieving the desired long lashes.

Avoid Applying Multiple Coats

Often, in order to get that impactful effect, we tend to apply multiple coats and end up having heavy clumpy lashes. Always, follow less is more concept. After applying the first coat, allow the mascara to dry for a while and go for a second coat. Ideally, 2 coats are more than enough to attain lifted lashes but you can take it to 3 coats too. To avoid clumpiness, do not exceed more than 3 coats.

Use Curler for Extra Lift

For an intense curling effect, you can also use an eyelash curler. Be mindful while using it, and ensure you don’t clutch the eyelid and hurt yourself. Avoid giving any heat of the dryer to the lashes, it causes harm to the lashes by making them weak. After, you use the curler, apply 2 coats of mascara and you are good to go!

With these few easy hacks, accentuate your eye makeup by giving the lashes intense volume and lengthening effect.

Anushka Jain
Author: Anushka Jain
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