Lip Care 101: How to Take Care of Your Lips in Winter

Now that winters and chilly days are here, this time can be brutal to your lips. The cold air, the chilling breeze, and the dry air inside all conspire to leave your lips dry and chapped. Lips require extra essential care during winters as they have thin and delicate skin. This season keep the best lip tint handy by your side and flaunt the perfect pout without worries.

Here, we will tell you some effective tips to take care of your lips this winter:

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated
    What goes inside reflects outside! Dehydration can affect your lips, so you must ensure you hydrate them from within. Maintain a proper diet and drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Eat food rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. This would help repair the skin tissues to make your lips more supple. So, along with applying the best lip tint, drink lots of water during winters.
  • Avoid Touching/Licking your Lips
    Licking your lips might feel good for the first few seconds and also feel hydrating. But, once the saliva evaporates, it will make your lips even drier. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in the best lip tint and apply it whenever your lips get chapped. If you’re looking for the best lip tint for dark lips, you can try our SERY Cosmetics’ range of Pout and Shine lip tints. Ensure nourished and hydrated lips with these fun and fruity lip tints available in a variety of flavors.
  • Always Remove Makeup
    Let your lips breathe. Remove all traces of makeup without fail before you go to bed every night. You can use a damp cotton ball to clean your lips.
  • Carry the Best Lip Tint with you
    In winters, you must never leave home without a lip tint. You never know when your lips start to dry out. Make sure that you have a nice hydrating lip tint with you rather than just a lipstick. At SERY Cosmetics, we offer a range of lip tints enriched with powerful antioxidants that improve your lips’ natural tone. For the best lip tint for dry lips, choose online from our exciting variants like rose honey, watermelon sugar, berry mint, and more.