Fall in Love with Non-sticky Lip Gloss

Fall in Love with Non-sticky Lip Gloss

The 90’s era is back as the glossy shine has made its way to almost every woman’s lips. The first ever product you owned when you were in high school is back with an upgraded version. This time it is non-sticky and hydrating in multiple appealing shades. Unable to believe? We thought so! Presenting SERY Butter Shine Lip Gloss, infused with ultra-hydrating properties and curated with a non-sticky formula to give your lips a feathery feel and irresistible shiny finish.

Glam Touch

Full glam makeup can be a task sometimes, that’s when the lip gloss enters the picture. One stroke of a buttery shine and Voila! You are ready to rock your glam look. Wear it to your office or a party, just know that balance is the key. Apply a layer of gloss on your bare lips or on top of lipstick to give your lip a subtle look. Similarly, apply as many layers as you want to amp up your glam look with a luminous finish for that party. Best part? It is non-sticky, which means you will not end up having anything extra stuck on your lips.

Comes in 6 Shades

Yes, you heard it right, glosses do come in a variety of shades! In a mood to carry a subtle look choose Choco and Blush Nude. Want to go bold, pick Crystal Shine and Berry Blow. Feeling a little flirty? Swipe a stroke of Rosy Pearl and Glaze Ruby. So, basically, these lip glosses are a jackpot for your lips. Isn’t it exciting to own lip gloss that literally suits your every mood? Get your hands on these exuberant glosses and add a subtle sheer sparkle to your lips. From complementing a smokey look to a nude look. Enriched with the goodness of Shea Butter, these super versatile glosses glide effortlessly and lend a bright touch with immense moisturization. 

Adds Volume

The Kardashians and Jenners have inflicted the undying urge of having fuller lips. All you’ve got to do is add this shiny lip gloss to your kit. You are Butter Shine Lip Gloss away from getting that fuller, pucker lips with a glossy effect. A gloss has the unique feature of absorbing the light and make your lips look plumper and thicker.

High Shine Finish

Gone are the days when your lip gloss used to mess with your hair and smudge right after a few hours of applying it. Although they looked good but felt sticky and terrible on the lips. If you are wondering how it can be different from before? Today’s glosses are totally a game changer and different from the previous because of their formulation. SERY Butter Shine Lip Gloss is designed with a non-sticky formula. Loaded with Sea Butter for soft supple lips, and hydrating properties that help in staying for longer without budging, one swipe and you get that enriched buttery glow on your lips.

Accentuates your Makeup

Glossy and shiny looks are in trend, and all of us are in love with them. Shiny eyelids and glowy cheeks are the hype of the town! For an elegant, yet glam makeup look just apply a little amount on your cheeks and eyes, and you are ready to rock and roll.

Don’t let your makeup kit feel lonely and shower some love by adding these super nourishing, non-sticky lip gloss, lodged with the goodness of Shea butter that gives a diamond-like sheen to your lips.