Guide to Use Highlighter Stick for Instant Facial Glow

Guide to Use Highlighter Stick for Instant Facial Glow

If there’s one beauty trend that makes any make-up look complete and well put is a highlighter stick. A good highlighter stick is a must-have in your make-up bag that is applied across the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, under the brows and above the cupid’s bow. These highlighter sticks come in stunning shades that amp up the look, add definition to the face, and elevate the dull face providing a lit-from-within look. 

One of the great things about using Stick Highlighter is that they are easy to use and highly portable. If you are looking for a highlighter to use in your everyday make-up look, using a stick is the perfect choice as they provide a subtle everyday look to the make-up and can be carried wherever you go. Simply open the handle and swipe on the selected areas and blend with a brush that comes along! To make things easy for you, we have rounded up some really easy tips to make the entire process of application smooth and quick. 

Why Do You Need to Apply Highlighter?

To begin with, let’s talk about why you need to apply the highlighter as a part of a make-up routine. Using a highlighter on the targeted areas brightens up the face and makes you look accentuated. The illuminating shine on the face draws extra attention on the face. However, if you apply it incorrectly then it can also create the opposite effect on your skin to look over shiny. 

How to Apply Highlighter in Easy Steps?

Do the Required Skin Care before Applying Make-up

Highlighter is best known for enhancing the facial glow by offering the right amount of radiance, hence prepping the skin for the right sheer glow is important. Simply begin by washing your face using any mild cleanser and wipe the face with a dry towel. Next, apply the usual face serum or tone and moisturizer to make the face feel smooth and soft. And if you want flawless and smooth make-up, apply Face Primer before heading to applying base products. 

Find the Right Shade of Highlighter

Before you go buy that highlighter stick you saw your favorite influencer using in the insta reel, take a step back. People who are new to applying face highlighter stickshould be aware that there are different types of highlighter shades, formulas as well as several finishes. In case you didn’t know, while looking for the right shade, always two shades lighter than your skin tone to get the natural looking finish. Moreover, just like we consider our undertone while picking the right face foundation or concealer, similarly you can also rely on your complexion for choosing the highlighter stick shade

Apply Other Make-up Products

After getting done with the skincare, the next step is to apply foundation, concealer and other make-up products in the same order you apply them. You can lay the base of your make-up by applying foundation after the primer to create an even layer to build the make-up look. Next comes the concealer which is used to hide all the blemishes, acne and visible spots on the face followed by using compact powder for the right shine. At this point, you can even do your eye make-up and apply the blush before giving the right finish to the face with a highlighter. 

Start Applying the Highlighter on the Cheeks

While using a highlighter stick on the face, placement of the product in the right spots is everything. The whole point of using a highlighter is to provide the right shine and radiance to the dull face. Hence start applying the product first on the cheekbones to lift the bone structure and provide much-needed definition. Simply glide the stick on the specific areas and blend well with the attached brush till you don’t get the right glow. Avoid applying too much highlighter to avoid making the face too shiny.

Highlight other High Points

After applying the highlighter on the cheeks, move to the other high points of the face such as brow bones, above the lips, down the bridge of the nose, and the inner area of the eyes. There’s no denying to the face that applying the right amount of highlighter leaves behind the luminous glow on the face, however not using the right brushes may ruin the look instead of lifting it. Using the right brush and in the required corners is the two-way ticket to a perfectly applied highlighter. 

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