Eye Makeup Tutorial: Learn How to Create Brown Smokey Eyes

Eye Makeup Tutorial: Learn How to Create Brown Smokey Eyes

When it comes to achieving breathtaking makeup looks, the classic approach is always a safe bet. The smokey eye makeup trend is a prime example of this, as it has endured the test of time. Thanks to its universal appeal. This style is incredibly flattering and easy to achieve making it an effortless way to infuse a touch of sophistication into any look.

While the quintessential black smoky eye is often what comes to mind, we are currently enamoured with the brown smokey eye. The cocoa hues are universally attractive and provide a subtler, more delicate effect than the black version. Are you eager to try your hand at creating a brown smokey eye? Our step-by-step tutorial is perfect for anyone looking to achieve this look. Keep reading the full blog.

Step 1: Prime your Eyelids

The first step in creating a smokey eye is to prime your eyelids. Priming your eyelids will help your eye shadow last longer and prevent creasing. It will also create a smooth base for your eye shadow. Apply your regular face primer carefully on the eyelids. To apply the primer, use your ring finger to dab a small amount of product onto your eyelid. Make sure to blend it evenly over your eyelids. Wait for a few seconds to allow the primer to set before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Create the Base

It is important to create a smooth base so that the eye shadow shade stays in place for a long-time without fading. For a strong color payoff, apply a little amount of liquid concealer that matches your shade. Take SÉRY Hi-Cover Super Coverage Concealer, apply it in a dot form on the eyelids and blend it well with a damped beauty blender. You’ll fall in love with the way it blends and makes your skin feel hydrated with the goodness of Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Wax, and Mimosa.

Step 3: Perfect your Brows

As the brown smokey eye makeup is a bold and striking look, it’s essential to ensure that your eyebrows are perfectly defined. Begin by using the SÉRY Definition Micro Brow Pencil to enhance the appearance of your brows. Firstly, use the spoolie brush to comb through them, then proceed to fill in any sparse areas with the eyebrow pencil. Finally, blend out any harsh lines by combing through your brows once more with the spoolie. With these steps, your brows will look immaculate and help in completing your statement makeup look.

Step 4: Apply the Brown Eye Shadow Shade

To effortlessly achieve a brown smokey eye, utilizing an eye shadow palette that encompasses all necessary shades is an excellent approach. For this makeup look, we suggest using the SÉRY Day To Night Eye Shadow Palette – Take Me Out which consists of four complementary shades. Next, use the matte brown shade to the outer corner of your eyelids, and blend it well inward to give it a smokey effect. After that apply the shimmer brown shade to the inner corner. These steps will create a seamless brown smokey eye that accentuates your eyes beautifully.

Step 5: Apply Eyeliner

To complement the look, and add a little drama, apply a colored eyeliner that will keep the consistency of the color and coordinate well with the look you’ve created. Apply SÉRY Spectacular Color Eyeliner – Mocha on the upper lash line. Create a thin or medium stroke so that your smokey eye look is not overshadowed. With a steady hand and precision apply the eyeliner creating a little wing if you want.

Step 6: Apply Voluminous Mascara

No eye makeup is complete without giving it a coat of mascara, it enhances the look by adding a glam effect. Take XpressLash Volumizing Mascara and apply a few coats on the lashes. We know you love fuller lashes that’s why our wand is designed in such a way that it brushes through each lash and gives that dramatic lift along with volume.

Step 7: Apply Lipstick

Make sure to keep in mind that the focal point of your look is the smokey eye, so it’s important to opt for a light lip color. Choosing a nude matte lipstick, such as the SÉRY Matte Care Lipstick – Gentle, is an ideal way to finish off your look. The application process involves starting in the centre of your upper lip, then moving towards the outer edges, while following the shape of your mouth. Finally, glide the lipstick over your bottom lip and fill in the color.

Voila! You are ready to seize the day with the magnificent brown smokey eye makeup look that is easy to create in just 7 simple steps.

Nisha Rathi
Author: Nisha Rathi
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