Crushing Over Blush? Here’s is the Beginner’s Guide for Everyone

Crushing Over Blush? Here’s is the Beginner’s Guide for Everyone

Getting that natural glow on the face is every girl’s desire. However, getting that radiant glow might take forever but blusher is a beauty product that can instantly make your complexion look luminous and beaming with rich color pop. Add a blusher stick to your make-up kit and give your cheeks mess proof look. Every girl needs a blusher Stick in her make-up collection because it brings back the same old charm to your face that diminishes. And if you have recently picked this product but unsure of how to get the right pinch of color on your face, let’s dive into the correct application of blusher to give your cheeks a highlighted look.

Tips that Work Well While Applying Blush

If you have been crushing over the soft color shades then SERY Flashlite Blusher Stick has got exact ones that will add the right pop of color to your face that you wish for. These Blusher sticks are easily blendable and have a creamy formula that long lasts the entire day.

Prep Your Skin before Applying Blush

Before you start applying blush, you need to clean and moisturize your skin. To get that right shade of blush with stunning color play-off and that long lasts without smudging, preparing your skin is very important. To get natural color pop, dab the blush on the apple of cheeks with finger tips and blend well. The blusher stick will glide smoothly if you have cleaned your face before application.

Right Blush Shade for the Right Complexion

Just like any other make-up product, blush also has different shades for different skin tones and complexions. Hence you need to pick the right shade that suits your skin color to get the lustrous effect on the cheekbones. For instance, to get the natural glow, pick the shade that matches your skin tone. If you are not sure about your skin tone, go for the subtle shades that work well with dark, medium and fair skin.

Use Highlighter after Blush to Complete the Look

To complete the look with a blusher stick, you can use highlighter and add radiant glow to your face. This will add an extra charm to your face after the application of blush. While going for this make-up hack, make sure you follow the right order, applying blush and then highlighter and give your face a more enhanced look and beautify your face even more.

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