Color Corrector to get an Even Finish: A Beginner’s Guide

Color Corrector to get an Even Finish: A Beginner’s Guide

Foundation and hi-coverage concealers are game-changing make-up products in our beauty bag that give a seamless clear make-up base to the face. However, a color corrector is that unsung hero of our make-up routine that uses an array of colors to fix the pimples, face spots, blemishes and under-eye dark circles. The color corrector does wonder if you know the right way to apply it for clear and spotless skin.

The basic idea behind using a color corrector is to use different colors to cancel out all the imperfections on the face and leave behind an even base. This product is a common beauty basic often found with professional make-up artists but these days everyone is using them for bringing out that flawless and fresh look. Available in different color shades, these color correctors blur out everything from acne marks, spots, and blemishes to dark circles visible on the skin. They can’t be worn alone as you require applying concealer or long-lasting foundation allowing the color corrector to seamlessly even out the skin tone. If you are wondering how you must begin prefer this comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about color correction.

What exactly is Color Corrector?

Color Correcting is a way to correct or cancel out the skin imperfections that are visible on the face. The theory is entirely based on the color wheel according to which if color is applied opposite to the original color, it will neutralize all the spots and scars. Green and orange color correctors are the two most common color correctors that help to cover the skin blemishes and neutralize the redness, even out the dullness and give an illuminating and radiant look. 

SERY Color Corrector Guide

SERY Fade It Color Corrector is pigmented into two shades- orange and green, for correcting the spots on the face and conceals all the imperfections. Enriched with the essence of tropical oil, the color corrector reinvents the look with the soft and satin finish, crease resistant and long wearing formula.

Green Color Corrector: If you are looking to balance out the redness on your face, you should have green color corrector. It aims to hide the appearances of spots, fine lines and other breakouts.

Orange Color Corrector: Pick orange color corrector for canceling dark circles, undertones and redness. Use this color corrector under regular concealer for even complexion.

The Right Order to Apply Color Corrector

Once you have cleansed your skin and prepped it well, begin applying a color corrector on the bare skin. Everyone has different skin undertone and concerns hence choose the hues according to your skin type and issues. For the exact coverage you want for your skin, apply the color corrector with the help of a small concealer brush. To get more natural finish, blend it properly so that the texture looks even and crease-free. 

Apply Foundation and Blend Evenly

After the step of color correction, move to the base make-up and pick the foundation shade that is closest to your skin tone. Choose the foundation which has a full coverage feature and apply it evenly in every corner of the space, especially with spots. Now take a damp sponge and start dabbing all over the face. Apply foundation in stippling motion which refers to gently tapping in the skin which will ensure that the product mixes well with the skin layer. 

Next Put Concealer for the Seamless Finish

Continue with your face make-up and apply concealer once the foundation sets evenly. Apply concealer on all the spots where you applied the color corrector. Apply the product step by step for the perfect finish and even texture. It will cover all the acne spots, birthmarks, rigid scars and pimples. Use the right concealer brush for blending and apply more if needed. 

Set Your Make-up

Now that your base make-up has been set properly, it’s time to lock the make-up. Use SERY Go Bare Compact Powder so that your make-up does not look cakey and to absorb the oil and excess sweat from the face. The absorbing power of this compact powder blots away the excess sweat and leaves behind a matte finish that lasts all day long. 

Use this simple guide to use color corrector the right way and say goodbye to blemishes, acne and scars!