Let That Skin Glow with Dewy Make-up in Just 5 Simple Steps

Let That Skin Glow with Dewy Make-up in Just 5 Simple Steps

There’s nothing better than having that natural glow and lit-from-within look with dewy make-up. This trend has become a quite hit these days that beautifies the skin. That fresh glowing skin that makes us look gleamy and hydrated is turning on the heat this summer season and more and more people are trying to mimic this look. The easiest way throughout to create dewy make-up look is with lightweight products that make you glow like a goddess leaving behind a luminous satin finish without looking oily or greasy.

A lot of beauty influencers have been inspired by this upcoming make-up trend and our whole Instagram feed is full of such make-up reels. This look makes you shine from every angle and can easily be done at home without having to overhaul your face make-up products. For all curious minds, a dewy make-up is a fresh make-up look with the touch of shine, radiance, and smoothness. This make-up look goes perfectly well with both day and night events and suits the most during the summer season. If you are confused as to where to begin, here’s everything you need to know about dewy skin make-up.

Step by Step Tutorial to Create Dewy Make-up Look

Start with Prepping the Skin

To begin with the dewy make-up look, the first and most important step is making your skin ready for the desired look. A dewy make-up look is all about the essence of smoothness and freshness on the face, hence always begin with exfoliating the skin. You can follow your regular skincare routine or if you are on move, simply take make-up remover wipes and clean your face once to get off any dirt, sweat or oil. Next, begin by applying Face Primer that sets a proper canvas for the make-up base by blurring all the imperfections, giving that much-needed hydration to the face and boosting the glow. 

Apply Foundation on the Face

While creating a dewy make-up look, always follow ‘less is more’ approach which means using less product in a smarter way to get maximum result. Pick the right face foundation that matches your skin tone. Take a few drops of illuminating foundation on your hands; apply all over the face, and start blending with a damp make-up sponge. Using a wet sponge or blender sets the product evenly without any creases or cracks. Continue blending till you don’t receive natural-looking finish and seamless layer. 

Highlight the Right Facial Spots

This is probably the most important step in dewy make-up that proves a game-changer in the final look. After using foundation to give much-needed coverage to the face, it’s time to contour and highlight the face for that right glow. Get SERY Oh-So-Nice Face Palette and pick the highlighter to highlight the main spots on the face such as cheekbones, cupid bow and inner corner of the eyes. Next, move to the contouring part to give your face a sculpted, well-defined look and make it look slim. Then comes the blush part and to give a hint of peachy glow to your face, pick any of the 2 subtle blush shades from the face palette and apply them to the apple of the cheeks.

Create a Nude Eye Look

Let your eyes do the rest of the talking by creating subtle yet attractive eye make-up trends. For the eyes to compliment your dewy make-up look, pick your eye shadow palette and choose light colors that go well with your skin tone. Set a base of light color from the palette and apply it all over the crease area. Next, take a deeper shade resembling the dark brown color and apply to the outer corner of the eyes using an Eyeshadow brush. Lastly, complete the look with a thin coat of eyeliner on the eyelids and use Volumizing Eye Mascara to coat the eyelashes for a fuller look.

Apply Lipstick for Pop of Color

No make-up look is complete without the right shade of lipstick that accentuates the pout game. To compliment your dewy make-up look, pick a lip color resembling the natural color of your skin. Go with a nude or brown color lipstick and apply on the lips carefully. Start with the upper lips by outlining the edges. Draw X shape on the cupid’s bow and then fill the rest of the lips. Blend evenly and set the make-up look using a make-up fixer.

And you are ready to rock your day office look and evening party attire both!