Breaking the Confusion of What Should You Apply First – Concealer or Foundation?

Breaking the Confusion of What Should You Apply First – Concealer or Foundation?

The concealer is supposed to conceal, while the foundation is meant to build the base

 The frequent changes in the way of applying makeup has created a lot of confusion. The most trending confusion at present is either a concealer should be applied before or after the foundation. If you are in search of an answer to the same then, it finally ends here. We know it makes us feel a little jittery when we hear about a new trend and not trying it. With a plethora of techniques hovering on the internet, we have finally tried and drawn the correct way of applying the base makeup. Wait no more, scroll down!

Difference between Foundation and Concealer

Let’s talk about the difference between concealer and foundation before we get into your face makeup application order. Foundation is intended to do exactly what its name implies: to provide an even canvas for the rest of your makeup. This means it builds a base in which the rest of the makeup can be applied without any hassle. 

On the other hand, concealer is a product that is used to conceal, as suggested by its name. We use concealer to cover dark spots and blemishes, as well as specific parts of your face that might require a bit more attention than the rest of your face. Concealer can also function as a highlighting tool because it can conceal dark spots and perhaps brighten various facial features if we use a shade lighter than our skin tone.

Should You Apply Concealer First or the Foundation?

Should You Apply Concealer First or the Foundation?

It totally depends on the coverage you want, however, concealer is often used after the foundation in most cases. When the tones of your concealer and foundation are a true match, this works best. But, if you have blemishes, hyperpigmentation, discolouration, or extreme unevenness then the concealer is used both times, before and after the foundation.

The Case of Applying Concealer Before Foundation

As we mentioned before, it depends on case to case, but, starting with liquid concealer when someone has really dark circles or appears exhausted makes the base stand out.  After that, a thin layer of foundation can be applied to balance out the complexion, and instead of that, if there’s a necessity for extra or more coverage adding another thin layer of concealer on top of the foundation does the work efficiently. When you start the makeup by applying concealer first, ensure to blend it well because there are high chances you will end up having visible creases and lines. To avoid this, set the areas with SÉRY Translucent Face Powder, it is curated with a fine powder that settles on the skin giving it an even matte finish.

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The case of Applying Foundation Before Concealer

Before applying foundation, it can be difficult to determine how much concealer you actually need to use because the foundation is intended to balance out your skin tone and minimise the appearance of blemishes, discolouration, and excessive redness. Start by dabbing on a thin layer of foundation of your shade, blend it outward from the middle of the face for good coverage, and then finish by applying a concealer wherever it is necessary. Ensure that the foundation and concealer match your skin tone and have the same texture. If you use a liquid foundation use liquid concealer, this regulates the consistency and makes the blending easy and delivers great coverage. Following this step is highly effective because it reduces the chance of creases and lines being formed. For a great experience, use SÉRY Satin Flawless Longwear Foundation and SÉRY Hi-Cover Super Coverage Concealer. Both of these products are in liquid format, which blends seamlessly giving a smooth base in a jiffy.

Although using concealer first is perfectly fine, most makeup professionals would suggest adding a little layer of foundation first to even out the skin tone and minimise the visibility of blemishes.

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