Perfect Pout Edit – Easy Ways to Make Lipstick Last All Day Long

Perfect Pout Edit – Easy Ways to Make Lipstick Last All Day Long

Whether it’s back-to-back office meetings or café hopping in your favourite destination, the last thing you want to worry about is the lipstick coming off, right? The lip shade looks bold and crisp in the morning and starts fading out later, because it goes through a lot, from constant speaking to sipping coffee it’s likely to come off. But, don’t worry, because SÉRY has unravelled the way to make the lipsticks last long without constant touch-ups, right from long-wear formulas to little trick that maximise longevity. To master the art, scroll down.

Exfoliate or Scrub the Lips


The lipstick will perform at its best on exfoliated lips, just like how the foundation glides smoothly on the face giving a long-lasting result on exfoliated skin. Either use a lip scrub or create your own DIY to take off the dead skin and make the lips soft and supple. Be gentle while scrubbing, always run the product in a circular motion, after that, always apply a lip balm to moisturise the lips. Your lipstick will glide smoothly and give a strong color payoff on the scrubbed lips. Include this lip care routine in your skincare regime for better results.

Prep the Lips

Yes, just like eyes and face, lips also need priming for better results. Apply a thin layer of non-colored lip balm that moisturises the lips and gives them hydration. This makes the lipstick glide smoothly on the lips, especially matte lipstick, and ensures it stays on the lips for a long period of time. You can also double up the prepping by applying a liquid concealer. If you are getting ready for a glam session and want to have a different lip makeup, use SÉRY Hi-covér Super Coverage Concealer, this lends a base to the lips where the color of lipstick stays the same on the lips without any camouflage changes.


You must be wondering, how can a lip liner make the lipstick last longer? When you outline or give a shape to the lips, you are creating a boundary for lipstick, ensuring that it won’t feather or budge and remain within the line you’ve created. After that, with the same creamy matte lip liner, when you fill in the lips too, it acts as a base and gives lipstick something to stick to. Lip liners typically have a waxier texture that keeps them in place long after the color starts to fade. For better results use SÉRY Edge it All Lip Liner, it comes in 6 mesmerising shades that suit every Indian skin tone giving a head-turning pout. Curated with a creamy matte and smudge-proof formula, the liner stays intact without needing any touch-ups.

Pick the Lipstick with the Right Formula


Choose a lipstick that is curated with a long-wearing and non-drying formula, they offer full coverage in one stroke ensuring a long-lasting stay. Our personal favourite is the SÉRY Stay On Matte Lip Crayon, it is highly pigmented and glides smoothly like a dream on the lips. This Vegan lipstick has an exquisite matte finish and is infused with the goodness of Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E, which keeps the lips soft and hydrated throughout the day. The formulation is a perfect balance of matte and creamy texture which means the lips won’t feel dry and stay moisturised all day long.

Set it with Translucent Powder


When it comes to makeup, there are multiple hacks to prevent lipstick from fading. One of the trendy and most used hacks is setting it with a translucent face powder. After applying the lipstick, take a dry tissue paper and place it lightly on top of the lips to bot the excess. Now, load the applicator or the brush with SÉRY Translucent Face Powder and gently dab it all over the tissue paper. Not only does it increase its staying power, but it also leaves a flawless matte finish.

From moods to looks, lipsticks are always there to save the day! These above-mentioned ways are the best hacks to keep your pout stylish and sassy all day long. Always use lipsticks created with the right formulation and infused with care ingredients. Try the enticing shades of SÉRY  and fall in love with lipsticks all over again by giving them a touch of beauty with care.

Anushka Jain
Author: Anushka Jain
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