Must-Have SÉRY Products for Quick ‘No Makeup’ Festive Look

Must-Have SÉRY Products for Quick ‘No Makeup’ Festive Look

The festive season is finally on! This means it is time for a lot of shopping, cleaning chores, food preparation, outfit selection, and many more zillion other things to do. Well, ladies, it is going to be a busy season for you. In this extremely occupied schedule, keep your glow on, but how? Don’t worry, your queries have landed at the right destination. SÉRY has curated an affordable list of must-have makeup products that’ll help you in achieving a festive makeup look in no time.

There are only 5 makeup products you’d need to achieve a glamorous no-makeup look to slay the festival season.

Best Liquid Concealer – For Smooth Base

Best Liquid Concealer – For Smooth Base

For a quick makeup routine, concealer acts as a savior and boss of the base. Foundation, step aside because we have a versatile makeup product that gives light coverage yet a sheer finish and enhanced skin tone. Use SÉRY Hi-Cover Super Coverage Concealer to add a layer of evenness to your complexion and create a smooth base for the makeup.

For that festive finish, moisturize your skin properly and apply the concealer all over your face. Ensure to blend it thoroughly with a damped beauty blender or a small flat brush.

Best Eye Makeup Product- Go Easy on the Eyes

Best Eye Makeup Product- Go Easy on the Eyes

Since we are doing a festive no makeup look, we need to add a little shine to the eyes to give the feel of a festive vibe. That’s why pick the dazzling SÉRY Aurora Eye Shadow Palette which comes in 9 ultra-pigmented shades with a hi-shine finish. They blend seamlessly on the eyes and deliver a rich color payoff with minimal effort.

If you want them to look bold but don’t want to go for loud eye makeup, then SÉRY Stay On Liquid Eyeliner is the best pick. It lends a matte finish to the eyes which don’t smudge or budge. A perfect pick for a festive dance party.

To finish the look, you need the magic wand, Mascara. One wiggle of this magical beauty is enough to lift and define your eyes. SÉRY XpressLash Volumizing Mascara is all you need to beat the festive heat. The smudge-proof and water-resistant properties make it the most ideal eye makeup product.

Create an eye makeup look using the above SÉRY products in no time.

Add an oomph of color to the eyes by applying a light eyeshadow and blending it with your fingers or brush. Then, take the eyeliner and draw a thin fine stroke on the upper lash line, creating a slight wing on the outer corner. Finish the look by coating the eyelashes with mascara to make them appear fuller.

Best Matte Lipstick – Make your Cheeks look Better and Lips Bolder

Best Matte Lipstick

The minimal no makeup look is incomplete without applying the pop of color on your face. One swirl of brush on the cheeks and one stroke of lipstick on the lips will complete your festive look. SÉRY Matte Care Lipstick is going to be your best friend because it is a versatile product that has been crafted to give you a hassle-free makeup experience.

For Lips: Prep your lips by applying a lip balm before gliding the lipstick to moisturize it. After 1-2 minutes, apply the lipstick for an enhanced look.

For cheeks: Mix the matte lipstick with a little amount of concealer and apply it on the cheeks, blend it with a damped beauty blender or a fluffy makeup brush. There you go! All ready to roll.


Ladies, with the help of these Vegan and Paraben-Free products, you can create multiple no-makeup makeup looks and be ready in no time for festive nights.

Anushka Jain
Author: Anushka Jain
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