How to Get Every Last Bit of Makeup Off Your Face

How to Get Every Last Bit of Makeup Off Your Face

Parties, weddings, or other special events are incomplete without makeup. No matter what you wear, a dab of blush, a glide of eyeliner, and a stunning lip color will lift your look from ordinary to glam.

Although most of us spend a lot of time applying makeup to our face for the perfect look, we often neglect to remove it after the party. Sure, post-party, it can get real tiresome, but this little error can be the source of long-term skin problems. How to remove all makeup from face? Read on.

Since you never know what chemicals your skin is getting exposed to with all the makeup overnight, you must never go to sleep with makeup on. Wondering how to remove all makeup from face? Follow the below essential tips:

Be Gentle with Your Skin
The process of makeup removal should be gentle and should never leave your skin feeling irritated or dehydrated. Our SERY Melt-Up Makeup remover wipes work gently on your face to clean up all traces of makeup. These wipes also soothe your skin and keep your natural moisture intact.

Steam Heat for Deep Cleansing
Steaming is a good way to deep cleanse. Fill a bowl with hot water and keep your face over it (at a safe distance) for a few minutes. The steam will open your pores and make it easier for you to reach deeper into the skin to remove makeup and dirt. SERY Melt-Up makeup remover wipes clean impurities, dust, and pollution for refreshing skin.

Be Extra Cautious Around Eyes
Mascara and liner are the toughest to get off, but you don’t want to scrub the skin around your delicate eyes. As cotton balls leave fibers behind, use SERY makeup remover wipes that are suitable and safe to remove eye makeup.

Do Not Forget Your Hairline
You may also accumulate makeup traces unknowingly along your hairline, which contributes to clogged pores and breakouts. Take a couple of seconds to tie it back, or you can put on a terry headband to make sure you get away from all the traces of makeup for a fresh start the next day.

How to clean your face after makeup? Swear by these makeup removal tips before going to sleep every night and use our SERY Melt-Up makeup remover wipes enriched with red raspberry, Vitamin E, and Jojoba extract that hydrates your skin, offers UV protection, and fights environmental stress.