How to Achieve Natural Bridal Makeup Look For the Wedding Day

How to Achieve Natural Bridal Makeup Look For the Wedding Day

The no-makeup look among brides is trending and creating a stir in the beauty industry. From Alia Bhatt to Kiara Advani, these actors have shown a perfect way of choosing makeup that looks natural and resonates with your personality. Perfect for both day and night weddings, this ‘less is more’ makeup approach is the best minimalist bridal look raging all over the internet. And we know you are searching for something that perfectly answers your quest of achieving the natural wedding makeup look. Well, your search ends at SÉRY because we’ve curated a list of products that are just right and ideal to recreate your desired makeup look in simple steps.

Step 1: Prime Your Face


To achieve a smooth and flawless makeup application, it’s essential to prepare your skin properly beforehand. Begin by applying a nourishing and moisturizing cream to your face and neck area, in circular motions to massage it in thoroughly. For the delicate skin around your eyes, use a hydrating eye cream or nourishing under-eye gel to help smooth and moisturize the area. Don’t forget to hydrate your lips as well. Finish your skin prep routine by applying a face primer that will help your makeup to stay in place without any touch-ups. Get your skin ready for makeup with a lightweight and non-greasy primer that’s easy to apply, the silky smooth texture of the primer gives your skin a velvety matte finish. Using a primer before makeup is important because it instantly blurs out pores and fine lines, creating a perfect base for your makeup.

Step 2: Create a Dewy Base


Begin with concealing dark spots, pigmentation, or discoloration using a liquid concealer. After that, for a flawless dewy base, it’s important to make sure that your foundation looks as natural as possible, just like your second skin. For a glowing finish, use a minimal amount of liquid foundation. Now here’s the catch, mix your foundation with the best liquid highlighter – SÉRY Glow Dots illuminating Highlighter. Mixing these two will give a beautiful and natural shine to the face. The highlighter is infused with Shea Butter and Vitamin-E which gives instant hydration and gives the skin a glow-from-within effect. Finally, set your makeup in place using a setting powder only in the required area like under the eye and T-zone, if you have an oily skin type. Use SÉRY Translucent Face Powder, it is lightweight and has a great mattifying effect.

Step-3 Add Pop of Color

For natural-looking cheeks, swirl the blush that blends into the skin seamlessly. For this step, we recommend you use a blush that is of the same shade as your lipstick on the cheeks to maintain the monochromatic wedding look. That’s why our favourite pick has always been the SÉRY Oh-So-Nice face palette. It comes in 2 shade palette that has a highlighter, 2 shades of blush and a contour. So, pick the one that suits your skin tone and begin with contour first, sculpt the areas that need lift and shape. After that, apply the blush and finish off with a highlighter. Remember, less is more, take a little product in the beginning and then go on building it further. We are keeping this step minimal because we are striving to achieve a natural look. Also, while blending always move your blender or brush in an upward motion for a lifted sharp look.

Let Your Eyes Do the Talking

Begin with brushing your eyebrows with SÉRY Definition Micro Brow Pencil. This brow pencil comes with a spoolie that helps in achieving a perfect eyebrow shape. To add definition, apply liquid concealer following the lower brow shape.

When it comes to your bridal eye makeup, it’s best to avoid matching your eye shadow exactly with the color of your outfit. Instead, try experimenting with subtle shades and opt for neutral or nude tones that suit all skin types. For a refined look, consider a smudged-out smokey eye to gently emphasize your eyes. If you’re looking for a versatile eye shadow palette, use SÉRY Aurora Eye Shadow – Beyond Beauty, with a mix of highly pigmented mattes, shimmery and pearl shades. This palette is perfect for achieving a natural-looking makeup look that’s ideal for any occasion, not just bridal makeup. Add beauty to the look by swiping SÉRY Panache Eyeliner Pen, as this waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliner helps create a perfect liner without budging and smudging in one stroke. Flatter those eyes with a few coats of SÉRY XpressLash Volumizing Mascara, to get dreamy lashes without clumping and making the lashes look fuller and thicker.

Always go For Light Lip Shade


For a natural wedding makeup look, always choose a light shade of lipstick, or you can also go with a tinted lip gloss for more subtle and natural lips. Opting for a long-lasting matte lipstick will do the work effortlessly because you won’t have to do constant touch-ups and can smile openly throughout the wedding. For the best result, take SÉRY Stay On Liquid Matte Lip Color, it delivers an intense matte finish look and at the same time keeps the lip hydrated with the essence of Vitamin E. Ensure to choose the shade that looks natural and matches the color of your blush. If you are someone who likes to keep the lips glossy and shiny then go for SÉRY Butter Shine Lip Gloss, it is also made with care-ingredient like Shea Butter, which hydrates the lips intensely and gives a natural finish.  

Now that you know how to create a natural makeup look, start doing it and unleash the inner makeup artist in you.

Anushka Jain
Author: Anushka Jain
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