Wedding Edit:  Tutorial of Best Bridal Nail Art Design for the D-Day

Wedding Edit:  Tutorial of Best Bridal Nail Art Design for the D-Day

So, you’ve booked your makeup artist, finalised the guest list, secured your dream wedding destination, and purchased the best bridal dress you’ve been coveting for months (phew). The only thing left to do is treat yourself to a stress-free spa day (goodbye, stress) and select a stunning manicure to complete your look on your wedding day; however, we aren’t referring to the standard nail polishes that you have worn every day of your life. Consider magnificent gold-traced tips, tiny flower designs, elegant glitter nails, or even over-the-top decorated nails that are anything but elegant. These gorgeous bridal manicure designs may be customised to match your outfit and give you those perfect wedding nails. To suit your minimalist choices, are you looking for subtle wedding nail art? Well, then you’ve landed at the right place. SÉRY has shortlisted a few best bridal nail art designs that will enhance your look on D-Day. There are plenty of nail arts tailored to suit different types of bride, to make it easy for you we have brought a few top nail art designs in one place to match all the different wedding themes.

The Classic Red Color Nail Art

The Classic Red Color Nail Art

Nothing can beat the classic bold red nail polish art embellished with beautiful elements. The color red ensembles and resonates the most with the wedding vibe, so ladies, you can never go wrong with this. If you want to keep the look minimal then just apply 2 coats of red nail paint and leave the nails but if you want to add an extra oomph factor, choose tiny elements like crystals to accentuate the design and make your nails look like a million bucks.

Follow these steps to achieve this nail art:

 Step 1: Wipe the nails clean and apply a layer of base coat to give a perfect canvas for the nail art.

Step 2: Take shade crimson red – AOW-11 from SÉRY Color Flirt Nail Polish – Celebration Collection and apply evenly on all the nails. Ensure to cover the corners and let the first coat dry if you want to apply two coats of nail polish.

Step 3: Lock the glossy nail paint with SÉRY Coat It With Care top coat. After that add the crystals on the nails if you wish to.

Yes, it’s that simple!

The Minimal Glitter Nail Art

If you are one who loves experimenting then this is going to be your favourite pick for the big day.  The combination of 3 shades including glitter nail paint and topped with crystals and tiny elements are going to add up to your bridal manicure. This nail art resembles bold, sparkly and stunning that expresses what’s exactly in your mind. You can also mould the designs according to your choices maybe use a combination of different colors that goes well with your outfit or stick this bold allure. Either way, people won’t be able to take their eyes off your hands, not only because of the ring but also the nail art.

Follow these steps to achieve this nail art:

Step 1: Start by applying a base coat with SÉRY Top It With Care to even out the surface of the nails.

Step 2: Apply shade coffee for me – AO27 from SÉRY Color Flirt Nail Polish – Glossy on your index and little finger. After that, on your middle, ring finger and thumb finger apply shade cold coffee – AOS-10 from the same collection. Ensure to wipe the excess away with SÉRY Nail Polish Remover after the nail paint dries. If you wish to add a thick layer and go for the second coat let the first coat dry completely and apply the second one. Doing this will help you in creating an even application.

Step 3: After the nail paint dries off your middle and ring finger, take SÉRY Color Flirt Nail Lacquer Glitter in shade silver shine and apply it on the tip of the two fingers.

Nail Art

Step 4: Now to give the nail art a smooth finish and beautiful shine, apply the same base coat – SÉRY Top It With Care and lock the whole look.

Step 5: One of our favourite steps, time to add those crystals to the nails. With the help of glue, stick them on the cuticle of the middle finger and ring finger.

Drum roll* Your perfect minimal nail art for the wedding is ready!


All the nail paints of SÉRY are enriched with Almond Oil and Vitamin E which means your nail health will remain intact no matter how many times you want to change or apply the nail polish. For a better experience ensure to add SÉRY Move on Nail Enamel Remover Wipes to your because it works efficiently in wiping off the polish in one swipe.

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