Versatility of Lipsticks that Every Woman Should Know About

Versatility of Lipsticks that Every Woman Should Know About

 If you are anyone like a make-up hoarder, your Instagram and phone gallery might be filled with all the trending make-up tutorials. Be it searching for the right way to apply mascara, create winged eyeliner, or where to apply blush, the world of make-up is itself a fairyland! Talking about which, we all have been a consistent users of lipsticks and it all started with trying mom’s classic red lip color in childhood. We all have the self-discovered make-up rituals that we totally swear by and similarly, there are a lot of things that you can do with one lipstick color shade

Honestly, lipstick stands the test of time, and if anything defines the feminine traits of any person, it has to be the lips accentuated with the bright and bold colored lipstick. From just being one lip make-up essential to getting pout-worthy lips, this make-up product can further be used for other beauty trends. From being used as a color corrector guide to adding a pop of color to the eyelids, here are a few amazing lipstick usages that will make you look more glam than ever. 

5 Creative Ways to Use Lipstick While Applying Make-up

Applying Blush with Lipstick

Applying lipstick can change the vibe of the face within seconds and that’s why every lipstick lover never gets tired of hoarding different color shades. And likewise, if you are thinking if we can use the same lipstick in form of blush, the answer is yes. Finding the right blush shade that suits the Indian skin tone is a tough call. However, you use your favorite lipstick shade for adding a tint of color to the cheeks without having an actual blusher. Just dab the lip color on the apple of your cheeks and blend with the help of a make-up sponge. It will add a radiant glow to the face and the cheeks will remain in sync with your colored lip pout. 

Using as Cream Based Eyeshadow

If you are a sucker for standout eyes, an eyeshadow palette with different color hues is all you need to add a pop of color to the eyelids. Having all the shades of eyeshadow in different sets is like an investment but when you have a creamy formula lipstick by side, it becomes a dual make-up product that can be applied both on the eyes and lips. To use a lip color on the lids, simply rub the shade on the crease area and blend it using an eyeshadow brush. If in a jiffy, you can simply use your fingers and rub the color evenly on the eyes. Set it well with a compact powder to ensure the color remains in place and does not spread beyond that area. 

Creating an Even Finish as Color Corrector

If you are always keen on experimenting with make-up trends that are high on fashion these days, then you can also use lipstick for correcting the colors of the face. To get the major insight into color correcting technique, you need a creamy and matte lipstick shade. Begin with washing and moisturizing your face properly and use a face primer to blur all the pores on the face. Now take the lipstick and swipe under the eyes in vertical lines and the dark regions of the face focusing on the acne and blemishes. Use an orange or red color lip shade for dark circles. Next use a face foundation stick to create an even skin tone. To further conceal the imperfections, use a concealer and then blend evenly till you don’t receive a natural-looking finish. Now that your base make-up is done, seal your look with a make-up fixer.

Lipstick for Colored Eyeliner Look

A lot of beauty trends are paving way for bright and bold make-up looks and wearing colored eyeliner is the newest addition. If you want to take a break from your black eyeliner pen then you can use your liquid lipstick as an alternative for colored eyeliner. To ace this make-up hack right, you need SERY Stay on Matte Lipstick to give a dash of color to the eyes. To experiment with basic black eyeliner, simply swipe a stroke of lipstick on the eyelids over the black layer. The formula of liquid lipstick is transferable and features a quick-drying effect that makes it easy and convenient to use. 

And that’s how you can make use of your unused lipsticks instead of throwing them away!