Use the Best Compact Powder to Fight the Summer Sweat in a Dab

Use the Best Compact Powder to Fight the Summer Sweat in a Dab

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Compact Powder has been the forever love, it is something you’d want to take on every party, date, and pretty much everywhere because it swears by unbreakable loyalty of giving a fresh and matte finish look all the time. Now, who wouldn’t want a love like that, right? So, what makes it the knight in shining armor? Starting from its unbeatable power that increases the makeup’s longevity, is a perfect dab that tackles the oil production, can be used both as a setting powder or bare face, and most importantly doesn’t let you sweat over the summer heat. From normal to oily skin type, this versatile product prevents the skin from feeling dehydrated whilst doing its job flawlessly, we hear the silent YAY! Seriously, we can boast all day long about this magical product that gives all-day-long protection to the skin by restoring the radiance, at the same time. Get ready to nix mid-day shine, because we are going to share the best compact powder for oily skin and dry skin in summer. Make some space in your bag for our compact queen because she is here to stay!

Since the summer heat is shining on your head, we are pretty sure you have scrolled everywhere to get the best compact. Yes, makeup mavens we understand your feeling, you are looking for the one that gives your skin:

  1. A radiant glow – Gives a fantastic full coverage finish without compromising on radiance by eliminating the cakiness.
  2. Controls oil – No more shine attacks, only super mattified glow.             
  3. Hydrating – The goodness of a skin-loving ingredient that immediately boosts the skin’s moisture.  
  4. Lightweight and long-lasting – Lasts all day long while feeling as light as feather.
  5. Benefits of SPF – Ultimate protection against harmful rays and pollution.
Benefits of SPF

Drum roll presenting you the love of your dreams – SERY Go Bare Compact Powder, fortified with the soothing goodness of Vitamin E, this power puff powder keeps the promise of giving you polished and summer-ready skin just in a few swipes. Sounds perfect? Allow us to make it sound absolute. Our team has meticulously crafted this face compact powder by binding it with the most wanted ingredient of summer, SPF-15. This casts a layer of protection on the skin by preventing it from harmful rays, making it easy for you to wear anywhere and everywhere from AM to PM. The best part, you ask? This lightweight compact powder is encased with a puff applicator that gives a seamless blending experience by giving a sheer matte finish look and the glow that your face needs in summer.

Choose the perfect shade for your skin tone from the range of our full-coverage compact face powder

compact face powder

Classic Ivory – CP-01: For Fair skin tone

Natural Beige – CP-02: For Fair to Medium skin tone

Warm Golden – CP-03: For Medium skin tone

True Cramel – CP-04: ForMedium to Dusky skin tone


How to Use Compact Powder on the Face?

Compact Powder for oily skin:

Compact Powder for oily skin

We know you are tired of carrying the stock of bolting paper to swipe the oiliness off your face, but hey, your solution is right here. Ditch the papers say hello to face compact that takes away the oiliness just in a dab. Load the puff applicator with the product, dust off the excess, and dab it all over the face. Wow! Fall in love with your matte finish face. Problem solved! And by the way, the bolting paper may take away the oiliness but won’t give you the fresh glow like the compact powder, so you know what your best bet is.

Compact Powder for dry skin:

Compact Powder for dry skin

Upset that your daily intake of water is not bringing hydration? It’s ok, we got your back. Mimic the hydration by dabbing this face compact powder on areas that tend to get oily and a few dabs all over the face to make it look fresh. Or you can also use a fluffy brush for the controlled application, just load the brush, dust off the excess and swirl it all over the face with a light hand. Ensure not to go overboard with the application, remember, less is more. Just follow this incredible concept and achieve the desired look with SERY buildable compact powder

Sign a pact with this vegan compact powder that takes Indian skin diversity into account and also does multiple duties in one swipe. Wait no more and hit add to cart button for a fuss-free-flawlessness.

Anushka Jain
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