Unleashing Beauty Secret to Get Longer Looking Lashes with Mascara

Unleashing Beauty Secret to Get Longer Looking Lashes with Mascara

Who doesn’t wish to have fluttery, long and voluminous eyelashes? And if you are blessed with naturally curled lashes then you are one of those lucky people around. However if you don’t have such eyelashes, the only technique you need is to apply the mascara in the right way. Long, dramatic and flirty lashes can be achieved with the help of the right mascara application skills that come with patience and practice. While there’s always an alternative to getting professional lash extensions but having the best mascara for women by your side is a cost-effective and quick alternative to change your lash game forever. 

Some beauty trends come and go but one thing that remains constant is the fluttery, long, and thick eyelashes. Even if you don’t want to apply heavy make-up, a few coats of volumizing mascara on the upper and lower lashes will make your face look put together. And that’s why we are giving you a few secret tips through this blog that will give you curled, long eyelashes you have always wanted. 

Awesome Mascara Tips to Get Longer Looking Lashes

Begin with Clean Lashes

Make sure, to begin with clean and bare lashes that are free from oil, make-up residue, and sweat. Before applying the mascara, first prep the lashes by wiping them off by using SERY Make-up Remover WipesThe skin around the eyes is more sensitive than other areas hence make sure to be super gentle while cleaning the clumps of previously applied mascara. You can also dip cotton pads in SERY Melt- up Remover and cleanse the entire face including the lashes. Once they become dry, curl them and start coating them. 

Always Curl your Lashes before Applying Mascara

We often forget to use Eyelash Curler before applying mascara that gives the right lift to the eyelashes. It’s an ultimate tool for dreamy curls hence you have to use it correctly. Never apply mascara before curling the lashes as it smears the mascara. Make sure to hold the clamp of the curling tool and place it carefully between the lashes and press it. Hold on to the curler for a few seconds and release slowly. Precurling the lashes before applying mascara will give a curled shape to the lashes.

Coat Both Sides of the Lashes

Usually, when we apply mascara, we only coat the bottom part of the lashes. If you have been practicing this, then you are doing it all wrong. For getting the fuller and thicker lashes, look up and coat the upper lashes and then bend a little and coat the inner part of the lashes. This will give an instant volume to the lashes and amp up your eye make-up game. The Mascara wand tends to pick more product than required hence ends up budging the mascara. Use a tissue to wipe off the extra product and you are good to go. 

Apply Some Powder to the Lashes for Fuller Look

We are going to give you one more reason why you need SERY Translucent Face Powder in your make-up bag. Want your lashes to look long, attractive, and voluminous? Coat your lashes with mascara product and then dust translucent powder on the lashes. This tiny trick will make your lashes look thick and defined. Simply apply a thin coat of mascara to the lashes and dust the powder on them. Now coat another coat of mascara to give the finishing look and make the lashes look fuller.

Wiggle the Mascara

For those who love having long and voluminous lashes just like falsies then avoid applying mascara in just one direction. Use the wand and apply the product while doing a zigzag motion on the lashes. This trick helps to make the lashes fuller and eventually thicker. This will help to spread the product, avoid clumps and give your lashes volume. Also, focus on applying more mascara on the outer corners which will give defined and prominent lashes. 

Simply follow this guide to use mascara like a pro and create a stunning make-up look within a blink of an eye!

Anushka Jain
Author: Anushka Jain
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