Trendy SERY Matte Care Lipstick that You Cannot Afford to Miss Out

Trendy SERY Matte Care Lipstick that You Cannot Afford to Miss Out

Every woman wants to own a huge collection of lipstick shades. When it comes to having a collection of lipsticks, they believe more is less and they crave to buy more. No matter how many you have ladies, your makeup kit is incomplete without the new trendy matte lipstick color of SERY Matte Care Lipstick. Wondering what are those miraculous shades you need in your makeup vanity? Don’t worry, SERY is unravelling magical must-have lip shades that are good to go with every look.

We are sure, it is with everyone to check in the middle of the day whether the lipstick has faded or not. That’s why we have meticulously curated SERY Matte Care Lipstick that is infused with the richness of Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E to keep your lips smudge-free and hydrated all day long. It features a one-stroke application and intense pigmentation that glides smoothly on the lips. Your lips will stay smooth, matte, and comfy all day thanks to the matte lipstick‘s special formulation that is loaded with SPF 15.

The Nude Mood

A stunning nude color completes every look. From giving a subtle natural look to adding a dash of boldness to your makeup, a nude shade is a must-have in your makeup bag. One stroke of this intensely-pigmented lipstick stays up for a long time without smudging and budging. Wear it to the office or to a party; the creamy matte texture will draw a lot of attention and make every head turn in the room. Hence, it’s a must-have shade!

The Ever-Red

There’s nothing a red lipstick cannot fix for any woman, if they are feeling happy or fuzzy, just a glide one swipe of red lipstick and boom! Many women out there are acing this classic shade like a queen. One stroke of lustrous red lipstick makes your face look bold, adds a shine, and puckers up your lips with red hues. So, ladies, you cannot miss out on this OG shade, which is highly recommended by almost every makeup artist.

The Pink Beauty

We can vouch that you can’t stop falling in love with the pink color family. It is soft yet bold and comfortable to wear as it is curated with a lightweight formula. The pink matte lipstick is universal and suits every skin tone. From dusky to fair-skinned, every woman can pull off pink lips with absolute class.

The Confident Brown

Long back, brown lipstick shades were a trend only among mature ladies but today’s young generation is totally obsessed with it. This color family has been accepted by all the women and is trending heavily in the market. SERY has curated this magnificent brown shade matte lipstick infused with moisturizing properties giving your lips a sculpted finish without flaking and drying.

Grab these mesmerizing shades from SERY Matte Care Lipstick collection now and turn your pout game on.

Anushka Jain
Author: Anushka Jain
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