Trendy Face Makeup Products with Best Skin-Loving Ingredients

Trendy Face Makeup Products with Best Skin-Loving Ingredients

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Makeup with skincare is the talk of the town and your Google history and Instagram explore advocates for that. Ever since the pandemic, we have been highly vigilant about the skin and that’s why we spend a good time understanding the ingredients before applying them to our skin. While makeup and skincare used to be considered different entities, in recent years we have seen a great surge in brands introducing makeup products with skincare ingredients. This amalgamation has solved a lot of problems for makeup lovers and people who apply makeup regularly. Now you must be wondering, how can makeup be as good as skin care products? Well, there’s a difference, skin care products are fortified with a different formula that makes your skin health strong. Whereas, makeup with skin-loving ingredients is formulated to protect the skin and enhance care. Both entities do their respective work but with different intensities.

The introduction of skin care in makeup has been a life-changing moment because when you pick the right formula that suits your skin, it can do wonders. That’s when SÉRY enters! to give your skin a wondrous touch of glow and nourishment. SÉRY understands your love for makeup and skin too, that’s why we came up with the idea to add at least one skincare ingredient in each of our products so that you can enjoy your makeup happily without having to worry about breakouts, acne, and other skin related issues. From Antioxidants to Hyaluronic Acid, you will find everything in our wide range of makeup products! Plus, all of our products are Vegan, Paraben Free, and Cruelty-free.

Here’s a list of our makeup products with skincare ingredients that will take your makeup game to another level! So, wait no more and get ready to discover the perfect combination of beauty and skin health!

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid

This potent possesses the power to replenish your skin’s moisture and prevent it from evaporating off the skin. It is well-known to retain 1000 times its weight in water. This magical ingredient has many other mesmerizing benefits, such as, it helps in fighting signs of ageing, improving skin elasticity, and keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized. To cater to you the same benefits we have curated 2 of our products that are infused with Hyaluronic Acid.

  1. SÉRY Satin Flawless Long Wear Foundation – Foundation is one of the crucial makeup products that can make or break your look. The Hyaluronic Acid in this lightweight liquid foundation ensures to keep the base is hydrated and last longer without feeling dry or flaking out.

2. SÉRY Illu-Matte Blush & Highlighter Duo One swipe of this duo does the dual work; it gives you a glam look with its magnificent shimmer highlighter and matte blush while the goodness of Hyaluronic Acid keeps the skin hydrated and nourished.

Vitamin E

This is the most loved anti-oxidant because it is packed with numerous benefits. It is an expert, supporting the skin barrier and promoting skin hydration while also healing it by producing collagen production. Pollution and dirt are the biggest enemy of the skin that’s why to maintain a good balance of healthy skin doctors also recommend using products that are infused with Vitamin E because it has the ability to improve skin texture and protect it against environmental stress.

Here are the few SÉRY Products that are infused with Vitamin E:

SÉRY Fix ‘N’ Click Foundation Stick: Curated with highly pigmented and weightless formula, this foundation stick is infused with various skin-loving ingredients like Kaolin Clay, SPF 15, and Vitamin E. The presence of the antioxidant – Vitamin E in the product helps in enhancing skin health by neutralizing the damaging effects of the environment.  

SÉRY Glow Dots Illuminating Highlighter: This trendy liquid highlighter gives your face a sheen look with its shimmer, while Shea Butter and Vitamin E keep your skin soft and supple by protecting it from getting damaged. Just a few drops and your skin is ready to become lit-from within. 

Go bold and glam by incorporating skin-loving makeup products of SÉRY and keep your skincare and makeup game on point. And stay tuned with us, because we have a huge array of more care ingredients enriched makeup products.

Anushka Jain
Author: Anushka Jain
Anushka Jain is an enthusiast who loves to explore Makeup but with the added element of care through her writing skill. She firmly believes in BEAUTY WITH CARE and thinks that makeup should enhance your skin and confidence both from inside and outside. In her leisure time she loves to create music & songs and enjoys exploring the world & people.