Top Eyeliner Secrets to Keep your Eye Make-up on Point

Top Eyeliner Secrets to Keep your Eye Make-up on Point

Finding the right match on a dating app can be a pretty easy task as compared to tracking down the perfect eyeliner hack. There’s no doubt that a vibrant eye make-up look can make you look oh-so desirable and steal everyone’s attention. There are plethora of eye make-up trends that are used to give the eyes bold and defined statement but no look can be complete without a swipe of basic eyeliner pen. We all remember our first failed attempt to try eyeliner back in high school and it took us years to finally master the art of drawing a defined line on the eyelids. We firmly believe that knowing how to define your eyes using an eyeliner, Kajal or eye pencil is an important make-up step which can be achieved with little efforts. But if you are juggling at the art of creating perfect arch or wing, here are few beauty hacks that will keep the stress away while bagging the perfect eyeliner look. 

Super Easy Hacks to Nail All Types of Eyeliner Look

Prepping the Eyes Right

Eyeliners can make or break your look with a simple stroke. They are one of the important make-up items in the beauty kit hence you require to follow the correct order of application. The first step in the same order is prepping the eyes which are quite overlooked. Never skip the step of cleansing and moisturizing the eyes before you begin gliding the eyeliner. Opt for lightweight moisturizer and hydrating cleanser to prep the eyes without making them greasy. Wait for a while till the skin care products settle down in your skin before going ahead with the make-up. In case your eyelids feel oily, swipe it off using a facial wipe. 

Underline with Eye Pencil First

For gorgeous looking eyes and lashes, we leave no stone unturned. And if you are beginner, one eyeliner technique that you should totally swear by is underlining the lashes with a Kajal or Eye Pencil. Underlining defines the eyes and gives a proper shape to the look you want to create. It’s quite obvious that gliding an eye pencil or Kajal is easier because they don’t smudge while application. Moreover, if you end up smearing the line, it is easier to clean the mess because it is not in liquid form. Take a pointed pencil, rest your hands in your comfortable posture and carefully draw a rough line on the lids. Stretch the line if you want to create wing or thicker look and continue with eyeliner for the precise finish.

Be Slow and Apply Small Strokes during Application

Don’t we all struggle with drawing a crisp, even and smooth line using an eyeliner? However, before you start applying eyeliner, it is important to strike a comfortable position and go slow while drawing the lines. No matter you are getting late to step out if you don’t want to budge the liner, make sure your elbow is resting on a plain surface while applying. As you get in a stable position, start applying small strokes on the upper lashes instead of drawing one single stroke. Take all the time to connect the small dots in the form of one bold line and voila you are done!

Use a Magnifying Mirror for the Right Finish

Using the right mirror to apply make-up is an essential part of vanity. If you are probably wondering why you even need a mirror to finish off the make-up routine then answer is very simple. You put in the hard work to get that dreamy look and it can be hard to pull off the look if you don’t have the right tool by your side. Make-up mirrors especially magnifying mirror is extensively designed to give you better reflection combined with the right angle at which you apply the eyeliner. This mirror helps to see every part of the face clearly enabling to create even the most crucial eye look. In short using this type of mirror will help to get a better and detailed view of your eyes so that you don’t end up creating uneven lines. 

And that’s how you seal your eyes with mysterious eyeliner that gives a super sharp and intense look!