Tips to Wear Matte Lipstick to Put your Best Pout

Tips to Wear Matte Lipstick to Put your Best Pout

Every lipstick hoarder knows that having a mattish lip color is an on-the-go make-up trend that every girl is obsessed with. These lipsticks with a matte finish can brighten up the entire look with just one stroke. However, to glam up the entire look, there are certain things to keep in mind before applying a matte lipstick. Matte lippies are known for their creamy formula, rich pigmentation, and flawless color texture hence to become a master at perfect lip color application, there are a few basic things to know. 

Getting your lipstick in matte shade to stay as you sip drinks, eat and even put your mask on, here’s a quick guide to what are the things you should follow. Take a note of the following tips and flaunt your gorgeous-looking lipstick that stays throughout the day. 

How to Apply Matte Lipstick the Right Way

Exfoliate Your Lips

All it takes is to begin with prepping the lips rightly. Dry and dead layer of skin on the lips can make the lipstick look uneven and rough. Hence before applying lipstick with matte finish, rub any lip scrub or damp a clean toothbrush and rub on the lips gently. Looking after the lips is as important as skincare which helps to keep the lips nourished and soft. Now as you will apply the lip color, it will not crack or bleed away.

Moisturize with a Lip Balm

After prepping the lips, prepare the lips base by moisturizing them. This helps to fill in the cracks to enable the matte lipstick to glide evenly without looking cakey. Don’t directly apply the lipstick to the layer of lip balm. Let it settle on the lips for a few minutes and then coat it with lip color. This step will keep your lips hydrated and prevent the product from getting dry. 

Finish off the other Make-Up before Hand

After applying the lip balm, you need to let it absorb in the lips till they become soft and supple. Meanwhile, you can go ahead with your base make-up. Decide the shade of the lipstick you want to apply and create the base make-up accordingly. If you choose a bright-colored lipstick, then keep the make-up coverage low, whereas if the shade of your lip color is subtle then you can choose to do a heavy base with full coverage.

Apply the Lipstick

Here comes your favorite part! After doing your base, start applying the lipstick carefully. To feel the essence of creamy and supple texture, try SERY Stay on Matte Lipstick infused with non-drying formula that is long-lasting and stays for days. The intensely pigmented formula gives a flawless matte finish that lasts up to hours.

Apply Powder around the Lips to Clean the Edges

At times while applying lipstick, we lose the balance and end up smudging the color around the edges. Well don’t worry, after you are done with the application of lipstick, take some compact powder and dab around the area with smeared lipstick. This will clean up the edges and create an extra line around the lips giving a better look. 

Hence what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite matte lip color today and get your insta-ready pout!