The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Glamorous Face Makeup Look

Looking flawlessly beautiful is well within reach when you have the right knowledge and quality makeup products. Know how to makeup face and learn to play right with your eyes, cheeks, and lips for a truly impactful look. Create a glamorous look with our range of SERY makeup.

Here’s how to makeup face for a glamorous look. 

  • Step 1. Work your Base
    Moisturizing is the first step for makeup. Perfecting your base takes the longest while learning how to makeup face. Try out our range of SERY Click’ N’ Fix foundation sticks that are easy to apply and have an instant hydrating formula. Our range of foundation sticks ensure a smooth velvety finish and so that the base doesn’t settle in your fine lines. Make sure to blend the foundation well..
  • Step 2. Use a Blusher
    Why use a dry brush and powder when you can use a cream stick blush for that long-lasting glow? Add a natural flush to your face with our Flashlite Blusher Stick. Get a pop of color infused with the essential goodness of red raspberry.
  • Step 3. Make your Eyes Sparkle
    Sit back and let your eyes do the talking. For glamorous face makeup, explore our range of FocusEye Shadow sticks that come in stunning glitter shades. SERY’s range of FocusEye shadow sticks has ultra-fine pearls that ensure a smudge-free, striking look.
  • Step 4. Add Definition
    For the perfect one-stroke kajal glide, use SERY’s FlashEye Intense Kajal. With a 12-hour hold and smudge-free finish, it is sure to bring definition to your glam face makeup look. Of course, we remember the lashes. Curl and add volume to your lashes with our Black Bite XpressLash Mascara.
  • Step 5. Get your Pout Right
    Putting on the right lip shade is a crucial finishing step. It transforms your entire face and adds life to your face makeup. Use SERY’s range of matte and creamy lip shades to lock the look.

Now that you know all about how to makeup face, you must also know how to remove all makeup from face. For that, you can use SERY Melt Up Makeup Remover wipes for instant skin refreshment.