The Right Use of Make-Up Setting Spray

The Right Use of Make-Up Setting Spray

Be it dinner with office clients, a Sunday brunch with family, or a karaoke night with friends; one thing that’s constantly on the mind is a long-lasting make-up look to seize the day! For every beauty fanatic, long-lasting make-up matters the most as it keeps them going with their daily errands without worrying about a touch-up. For everyone who loves wearing make-up for long hours, having make-up fixer makes everything easy. Having a make-up spray in your beauty kit is important to fix your make-up for long hours.  

What exactly is a Make-up Spray?

Make-up Spray or Make-up Fixer is always used in the last step of make-up to seal the look for the day that you have created. Whether you have dry or oily skin, the make-up setting spray helps your makeup to stay for longer hours. 

How to Use Make-Up Spray for a Long Lasting Make-Up?

It’s time to bid farewell to melted and smeared make-up by locking your make-up look using SERY Set It All Make-Up Spray, which avoids make-up from settling into fine lines. Below are the lesser-known facts about how to use the make-up fixer. 

Shake the Spray Bottle 

After applying the make-up, shake the Setting spray bottle well keeping it almost 8-10 inches away from your face. Shaking the spray bottle is important before you spray the make-up fixer on your face to seal the make-up look. 

Spray it Generously 

For the best results, spray it 2-3 times so that it seizes the make-up properly. Make sure not to use the make-up spray in excess amount as it can spoil the make-up look. Using the spray in a generous amount is important to make setting spray cover every small corner of the face. 

Let it Dry 

Allow the make-up spray to dry naturally and let it fully absorb in the skin. Avoid contact from eyes and wait for some time after applying the spray so that make-up doesn’t budge.  Make-up Fixer plays a key role in sealing the make-up look holding complete your make-up look with SERY Set It All Make-Up Spray that’s made up of 7 botanical extracts and suits all skin types.