The Beginners Guide to Use Eyeliner Pen

The Beginners Guide to Use Eyeliner Pen

Every girl has her share of stories to narrate, as to how she aced the perfect winged eyeliner one day and messed up the other day. For every make-up lover who yearns to ace the game of perfect eyeliner, we are sharing a few easy tips that are total game changers! Here are some tried and tested tips that will instantly lift your eyes and make your look so much fuller. 

Easy Eyeliner Tips to Follow

Choose the Right Eyeliner 

The perfect hack to apply eyeliner smoothly is to pick the right one. For beginners, it is advised to use an eyeliner pen that has fine tips and glides easily. Use SERY Panache Eyeliner Pen that has a smooth and flexible tip and gives jet black and intense eyes. Always pick eyeliner that is easy to hold and draws both thick and thin lines effortlessly. SERY Eyeliner Pen gives long-lasting wear experience and does not budge or fade therefore you can pick it as a first-time user. 

Use an Eye Pencil to Draw the Shape 

Position yourself in a comfortable posture and draw the right shape on your eyelids using an Eye PencilYou can use a magnifying mirror to have a closer view of your eyes. Draw a line across the upper eyelids starting from the inner corners along the lash line and stop where the crease folds. 

Start Applying Eyeliner 

Hold the Eyeliner Pen like you hold a sketch pen, by resting the elbow of the arm. Look into the mirror in a comfortable position whichever gives you a better view of the upper eyelashes. Draw a thin line along the lash line. If you want a bold look, draw another line and color the space for a thicker line. You can create a cat-eye look or wings by using the side tip or traditional eye look by making dots on the lashes and joining them later. 

Finish the Look with Eye Shadow and Mascara 

Once you are done creating the eyeliner look, finish the look by applying eye shadow in a similar color and lifting the lashes using mascara

Once you have aced the game of creating the perfect eyeliner look, you can experiment with different looks and flaunt long-lasting eyeliner throughout the day.