Summer Makeup Essential for a Matte Finish Sweat proof Look

Summer Makeup Essential for a Matte Finish Sweat proof Look

Turn up your summer glow!

With the sun rising early and the melodious chirping of birds, we can clearly say that Summer is ushering in the soothing tone of fun and joy. This means it’s officially that time of the year when you can tuck away your puffer jackets, and unpack the suitcase of your summer clothes. Just like we spruce our closets with summer clothes, we also need to give our makeup kit a little twist by adding sweatproof and matte finish products. After all, that’s how we can achieve the beauty trend set by Kendal and Alia – a sun-kissed natural summer glow. Swipe away the sigh of your worries by swapping your makeup products with SÉRY. Curated with the rich formulation, packed with skin-loving ingredients and your forever BFF SPF, makes SÉRY your ideal pick and another best friend forever.

Base – Less Is More

Base – Less-Is-More

Summer makes the face look oily and greasy due to excessive sweat, making the skin feel unbreathable. Choosing a lightweight base makeup is the best way to work around it. For the starter, swipe a mattifying face primer to blur the pores and create a smooth canvas for further makeup. After that, simply dab a liquid concealer to hide blemishes, and brighten the under eyes. Keeping in mind less is more, pick a foundation with a buildable formula and lightweight texture. For this, your go-to buddy is SÉRY Satin Flawless Longwear Foundation, it is crafted meticulously with a unique formula to give your skin a breathable feel and protect it from harmful rays with UVA-UVB filters. Also, it is infused with the very famous active ingredient that is ruling everyone’s skincare – Hyaluronic Acid. Get ready to glow with a touch of intense hydration!

What to keep in mind?

Face Primer: Let your primer sit for at least a minute before applying the other base makeup.

Liquid Concealer: Apply only in the areas that need concealing or correction.

Liquid Foundation: Use a damped beauty blender for a flawless and natural finish.


Who wants oiliness and a sweaty face, right? That’s why to beat the summer heat you need to have this one product in your makeup kit that has priming benefits, blurring effect, matte finish and is expert at keeping the sweat and shine away for hours. Yes, we are talking about your old friend and your grandma’s best friend compact powder. SÉRY has carefully curated an amazing range of face compact powder that meets all your summer needs. Get your hands on SÉRY Go Bare Compact Powder, packed with the SPF-15 that protects your skin from harmful rays, tanning, and pigmentation. The lightweight and oil-absorbing formula of this face powder allows you to wear it from AM to PM without any heaviness and uneasiness. To make it more travel friendly for you, it also comes with a puff applicator, whose one dab is enough to keep the oiliness and sweat at the bay.

What to keep in mind?

As the name suggests, you can also wear this long-wearing powder on bare skin and give it a revitalising touch by restoring its natural radiance.


Eyes – Stroke of Waterproof Eye Makeup

Eyes – Stroke-of-Waterproof-Eye-Makeup

Those beautiful eyes shouldn’t deal with smudged kajal, eyeliner, and mascara, ever! That’s why make the waterproof eye makeup your best friend because it will always have your back, no matter how sweaty or hot the weather acts. SÉRY eye makeup products are made with a waterproof formula to fight the sweat and stay all day long without budging, which also means, you don’t need frequent touch ups, Thank god! Meltproof your eyes by adding the stroke of liquid eyeliner – Stay On Liquid Matte Eyeliner, is not only made with a solid waterproof and smudge-proof formula but is also enriched with the goodness of Argan Oil, which gives the eyes a soothing and nourishing effect. For your lashes, wiggle the voluminous wand of waterproof mascara and for those eyes to do all the talking, swipe SERY Black Pro Ultimate Kajal – Black, it is enriched with Rosehip oil to protect your eyes from inflammation and made with a long-wearing formula that keeps the kajal intact for 24 hours without moving an inch. Voila! Your basic summer eye makeup kit is ready!

What to keep in mind?

Black Kajal: It can be used both on eyelids and waterline.

Black Liquid Eyeliner: Always shake the bottle and remove excess from the tip before applying it.

Dots of Glow – Shimmer and Shine

Dots-of-Glow – Shimmer-and-Shine

To meet the summer sun-kissed glow of Alia and Kendal, we definitely need to add light-catching highlights, i.e., a dot of liquid highlighter. Accentuate those high points by giving it a touch of luminous highlighter – SÉRY Glow Dots Illuminating Highlighter, it is highly pigmented, and goes a little long way to keep the glow of your skin intact by providing it with the goodness of Shea Butter and Vitamin E. Best part is it comes in three different water-resistant shades that fight with sweat and doesn’t turn ashy due to its liquid texture. Get ready to fall in love with the person you look at in the mirror because the fine shimmer gives a natural shine to the face giving an ideal sun-kissed look.              

What to keep in mind?

If you want a subtle and natural shine, you can mix this illuminating highlighter with your regular moisturiser, primer or foundation. For a beach finish, mix it with the body lotion and apply it all over the body.

Have sweatproof summer makeup with these incredible makeup products of SÉRY that stick by what it promises, after all, SÉRY is going to be your BFF!

Nisha Rathi
Author: Nisha Rathi
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