Step by Step Guide To Apply Concealer

Step by Step Guide To Apply Concealer

Concealers work like magic on your face as they hideout the blemishes so well. For those, who don’t know what exactly a concealer is, it is a make-up product that every woman should carry in her make-up kit to bring instant glow on face and conceal every spot, blemish, and scar. While preparing a make-up base, applying concealer the right way plays cupid to pull off the flawless make-up look. It might feel intimidating initially but with some practice and persistence, you will become accustomed to the right way of applying concealer. 

The Right Guide to Applying Concealer

Make Sure You Pick the Right One

There is a thin line between the beauty products you like and the products you need. The basic thumb rule to pick the right concealer is choosing a shade lighter than the skin tone. Ensure the concealer has the right finish and gives the required amount of coverage you want. SERY Hi-Cover Super Coverage Concealer locks up all the fine lines, pores, and pigments on the face and provides a soft-matte finish. 

Start with Applying Small Dots

Take the concealer in your hands and start applying it all over your face in small dots. Pick the under-eye area and spread the concealer all over the area. Use a make-up brush to spread the concealer evenly and will give a weightless and light finish. 

Always Tap in the Concealer and Never Rub

 With the help of the make-up brush, tap in the concealer and blend well. Simply pat or pat the concealer either with the fingertips or the brush to blend it properly. With this hack, you can get the required coverage that you need to provide to your face. 

Apply Concealer on the Uneven Spots

You can use a concealer to hide all the whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples by applying concealer on the uneven spots that include the chin area, nose, cheekbones, and the center of the forehead.

Apply Foundation First and Then Concealer 

The actual way to create a make-up base is by applying foundation first and then concealer. Applying Foundation creates a smooth canvas for the make-up and concealer hides all the visible spots on the face that need more coverage. 

Apply Loose Powder to Set the Concealer 

The secret to the right concealer is applying loose powder all over the face to set the concealer. To make sure the concealer works properly, take some loose powder that is translucent and lightweight and apply it all over the face to avoid the concealer becoming cakey or patchy.  And you are done! These are a few of the things to keep in mind while applying concealer all over the face so that you can get the soft matte finish and the desired coverage.