Some Valuable Ways to Care for Lips on Lips Appreciation Day

Some Valuable Ways to Care for Lips on Lips Appreciation Day

This millennial generation is always on the hunt to find skin-friendly trends being influenced by the value of caring for face and body. The kind of dedication we put in working on our skincare regime, the same gets missing while caring for the lips. Dry and chapped lips are signs of the red flag which hint towards our lips being ignored and not taken care of. Smooth and hydrated lips accentuate the facial look and grabs attention from everywhere. Hence keeping them healthy is essential as it defines a person’s aura and makes his/her smile attractive.

On 16 March we are celebrating Lips Appreciation Day, a day specially dedicated to our beloved lips that is the true epitome of beauty. Since our lips are one of the delicate parts of the body hence it deserves some extra love and care. No matter which shape or size your lips are, all of them are beautiful! For that precious smile of yours, we are going to give you the best ways possible to pamper your lips and show them how much appreciated they are.

Different Ways to Show Some Love to Your Lips

Hydration is the Key

Be it any weather, keeping your body hydrated is one of the basic habits towards a healthy lifestyle. And when you are hydrated, your lips are the first to know. Drink enough amount of water daily to retain the hydration level in the body. Doing this automatically makes the lips soft, supple and avoids them from getting dry and chapped.

Smile and Spread Happiness

If you are a person full of zeal and energy, smiling comes really easy to you. Smiling your heart out is the easiest and most genuine way to show love to your lips and yourself as a person. This Lips Appreciation Day spread your smile everywhere possible because the cheeks don’t hurt at all and cost nothing.

Exfoliate and Moisturize your Lips

The skin on the lips is thin and delicate. Changes in the weather and our lifestyle often result in a flaky and dead skin layer. A visible layer of dead skin can make the lippies dull and rough which is not at all desirable. Hence take out some time from your busy schedule and scrub off the dead skin with the help of home ingredients like sugar, honey, or oil. Wash your lips with plain water and wipe off.

Paint With favorite Lip Color

There is a plethora of beauty products in the Lip Category in vibrant colors that we can’t get enough of them! For every beauty nerd who loves to paint the lips, SERY brings to you wide assortments of different textures of Lipsticks, Lip Tints, and Lip Crayon combining the goodness of skin-friendly ingredients and stunning color finish. Celebrate your day with your favorite color pop from SERY Cosmetics lip category and flatter your lips!

Adapt To Healthy Diet

Healthy eating and taking enough vitamins also count in the right lip care routine. To keep your lips healthy, supple, and fresh, adapt to healthy food habits mainly having Vitamin C and E. The kind of diet we take also impacts the well-being of our lips, hence for healthier looking lips, start taking vitamin rich food.

And that’s all ladies! A few steps towards your lip care can make them look healthy and soft. On this Lips Appreciation Day, let’s take a resolution to start caring for these lippies and make them look luscious all day long!

Anushka Jain
Author: Anushka Jain
Anushka Jain is an enthusiast who loves to explore Makeup but with the added element of care through her writing skill. She firmly believes in BEAUTY WITH CARE and thinks that makeup should enhance your skin and confidence both from inside and outside. In her leisure time she loves to create music & songs and enjoys exploring the world & people.