SÉRY launches the Bold and Bright Nail Polish for Wedding Bells

SÉRY launches the Bold and Bright Nail Polish for Wedding Bells

The wedding season is here, which means, it’s time to paint the nail with beautiful hues of color. When we say color, we don’t mean those cliché shades of nail paint, we are talking about colors that have glam of glitters, the drama of metallic, and deep dark sassy shimmer finish. Where can you find this unique collection of Nail Paints which has never ending reflections of fun and excitement? SÉRY is the answer to your question. Introducing the magnificent range of best Nail Polish – SÉRY Color Flirt Celebration Collection, which is curated with the goodness of care ingredients, has a long-lasting stay, is chip-resistant, and is acetone free. Uplift the mood of your celebration with these highly pigmented nail lacquers that suit every skin tone and are extremely beneficial for nail health.

Dramatic Hues of Metallic Shades

There’s something extremely appealing about the metallic shades, which makes it the perfect pick for any type of occasion. These nail polishes have a fine texture of metal that leaves a gorgeous reflection on the nails, making them look charming and attractive. Formulated with a unique high-grade texture, these acetone-free nail paints have a long-lasting stay for up to 6 days. The best part about these shades is they go perfectly well with both day and night wedding outfits.

The Flirty Glam of Glitter Shades

Time to glam up those beautiful nails with SÉRY Celebration Collection which has everything for everyone and for every occasion. Keep these nail paints handy every time because they totally suit every outfit. If you want to go bare on the nails or add a touch of drama to the base nail paint, then glitter nail paints are your go-to nail buddy. Give those nails a stunning makeover with a formula that delivers an intense shine just in one coat, and dries in a jiffy. Add these stunning shades of glitter to your makeup kit that are suitable for both day and night weddings.

The Elegance of Bold Shades

If you are a fan of bold colors then SÉRY has to be your ideal choice, this celebration collection has unique shades of dark colors that leave an absolutely stunning finish in one coat. Designed with care and precision, this nail polish has a pleasant fragrance, rich consistency, a high-shine finish, and long-lasting wear. Opt for these bold shades to add a glaze of beauty to your manicure and is perfect for evening parties.

Create Some Beautiful Nail Art with SÉRY Celebration Collection Nail Paint

Reverse French Nail Art

If you are someone who loves nail art but wants to give it a minimal fancy touch, Reverse French Art is going to save the day. This art gives a chic and elegant finish to the nails, making it perfect for every occasion.

Before applying any nail polish, always ensure to file the nails in a suitable shape and remove dirt from the cuticles.

Step 1: Start with applying the base coat before putting the actual nail paint, regardless of color and type, a base coat is extremely important because it provides a smooth base for the nail paint to glide. Take SÉRY Coat It With Care Nail Paint and apply it on the freshly clean nail.

Step 2: Now, take any color from SÉRY Celebration Collection and apply 1-2 coats depending upon the coverage you want. If you are applying 2 coats, then allow the first coat to dry completely and then go for the second one.

Step 3:  After the nail paint dries up completely, take a colored glitter nail paint or any other nail paint from Celebration Collection that goes well in contrast with the one you’ve already applied. Take a thin brush and apply the new color just above the cuticles – from one corner to another corner of the bottom.

Step 4: Lock the look by applying a top coat, this adds shine to the nails and increases the longevity of the nail paint.

The Colorful Mani

Wearing different colors of nail paints is heavily trending at present. So, let’s try this amazing and simple nail polish trend for any upcoming occasion.

Step 1: Wipe away the previous color by using SÉRY Nail Polish Remover and apply a base coat on clean and filed nails.

Step 2: Take the color from the collection of SÉRY Celebration Collection and apply it to the nails. Ideally, one coat is more than enough because these nail paints are highly pigmented and give an intense color payoff in one swipe. To accentuate the look, apply 1-2 coats of glitter nail polish or you can also mix 2 colors for a unique touch.

Step 3: Lock the color with a top coat and you are good to go!

These are some very elegant and trending nail art. You can create any type of look you want with SÉRY Color Flirt Nail Polish – Celebration Collection for every occasion by just sitting at home.

 Before buying any nail polish for yourself, there are a few things you should always consider:

Care ingredients: The Nail Polish should be infused with the essence of care ingredients like Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, etc. They help in taking the brittleness away, keep the nail bed soft and prevent them from yellowing.

Chip Resistant: To increase the longevity of the nail polish, it is highly recommended to buy the one which has chip resistance. This keeps the shine and color alive on the nails and doesn’t let the polish peel or chip away.   

Free From Acetone: In order to avoid yellowing and brittleness of nails, ensure to get a nail polish free from acetone, it also keeps the nail health intact.  

SÉRY Color Flirt Nail Polish – Celebration Collection is an ideal pick because it is infused with the goodness of Avocado Oil and Vitamin E, is acetone-free, chip resistant, and long-lasting.

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