SERY Aurora Eyes Shadow Palette for Versatile Eye Look

SERY Aurora Eyes Shadow Palette for Versatile Eye Look

Eye Shadow Palette is the most versatile product in the make-up bag of every beauty nerd. Eye Shadow is still a huge trend that suits every make-up look and creates standout eyes. Ask any woman who loves dramatic and eye catching look, she would prefer an eye shadow palette that offers spectrum of shades with complementary colors. Take your love for eye make-up to the next level with SERY Aurora Eye Shadow Palette that suits every mood with its matte, hi-sheen, and shimmer color scheme. This eye shadow palette has 9 shades that give long-lasting color play-off and special color hues for every occasion- Vacation ready, date night, or normal workday.

What This Eye Shadow Palette is All About?

If you are looking for an eye shadow palette with mix and match colors that suit everyday look as well as for special occasions, this color palette is exactly what you were looking for. With SERY Eye Palette, you get 9 coordinated colors that are richly pigmented and give bold definition to your eyes. SERY Aurora Eye Shadow Palette gives a silky smooth finish and is easy to blend and apply. 

Detailed Specifications of SERY Aurora Eye Shadow Palette

Versatile Finish Product

SERY 9-in-1 Palette has 9 flattering color shades with matte, shimmer, and hi-sheen finish. It is quite comfortable to carry all day long. A mirror in the palette helps with easy application and touch-up. 


This eye shadow palette has excellent staying power with minimal effort. The eye shadow blends seamlessly and gives all day wear look

Deeply Pigmented

It is highly pigmented that gives a bolder and brighter color finish. This eye-catching eye shadow has high pigment properties and with just one stroke you can make your eyes look striking and noticeable. 

Eco-friendly Packaging and Natural Ingredients 

SERY Aurora Eye Shadow Palette is made with eco-friendly paper packaging that can be recycled. The product is paraben-free, cruelty-free, Oil-free, Mineral-Oil Free, UV-Filter Free, D-5 Free. 

VEGAN Product

This eye palette is a vegan product and dermatologist tested. 

How Does the Shades Look Like?

SERY Aurora Eye Shadow Palette has two shades with 9 colors in each palette. Add an eye-catching look to your eyelids with the following color shades and complete your eye-make-up look. 

Shades Available 

Cosmo Delight

  • Flamingo: Pinkish Color that looks smooth and pastel 
  • Cabana: Bright Color Shade that looks vibrant
  • Angelic: Pink Shade with Golden Touch
  • Emerald: Ocean Green Shade that looks ravishing
  • Prussian: Essence of black color gives a mysterious look to the eyes. 
  • Twilight: The darker shade of pink for an intense look.
  • Glilzed: Gold shade with shimmer touch for a sparkling touch. 
  • Champagne: Nude color with shimmer touch 
  • Moonlight: Gleam of White Shade

Beyond Beaut 

  • Zested: Glimpse of Peachy Shade
  • Sun Kissed: Skin Color Shade for Natural Finish 
  • Crush: Crush shade for the stunning eye look
  • Spotlight: Pinkish Tone that goes right with every look carried
  • Mesmer Eyes: Brown Shade to make your eyes pop-up
  • Dreamer: For Subtle Eye look 
  • Passion: Brown shade to compliment any make-up look 
  • De-zire: Ultra pigmented shade for an intense look
  • Radiant: Nude shade to compliment your eyelids

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