Recreate the “I am Cold Makeup” Trend for a Perfect Winter Glam

Recreate the “I am Cold Makeup” Trend for a Perfect Winter Glam

The makeup world doesn’t cease to amaze us. Every season, every month, there’s something new happening in the beauty industry and the whole world incessantly dwells on it. This season is also no less. The internet is stormed with a makeup trend which says, time to look cold along with feeling cold. Confused? Let’s make it simple for you. From famous celebrities to social media influencers, everyone is seen doing this amazing winter version of the glowy blush wintery face – I am Cold makeup look. Inspired by cold winter days where skin tends to have a natural flush due to icy weather. Frosty lids, rosy lips, and flushed win-chilled cheeks are all you need to pull off this trendy makeup. To help you accomplish this makeup at home, SÉRY has compiled a few steps, scroll down.

Create a Dewy Base

To achieve the winter version of glowy skin, makeup artists highly recommend using a liquid foundation that is infused with Hyaluronic Acid. Why?  Let us shed some light on it. In a nutshell, using products loaded with this skin-lo ingredient hydrates the skin by keeping it moist and dewy throughout the day. Therefore, picking SÉRY Satin Flawless Longwear Foundation is ideal because it is formulated with nourishing properties of hyaluronic acid and filters that shield the skin against the harmful rays of the sun.

The sector of beauty space has introduced a lot of interesting ways that can enhance the glow of makeup. One of them is very important for this look, which is mixing the foundation with a liquid highlighter. Now, for the icy winter, it is always good to use a product that lends moisturisation. For this mix SÉRY liquid foundation with a few drops of SÉRY Glow Dots Illuminating Highlighter. Apply it evenly on the face and blend it with a damp beauty blender.

If you have oily skin, we suggest setting the base with SÉRY Translucent Powder. Dab it on the T-zone and areas that tend to become oily.

Create Frosty Lids

For this look, renowned makeup artists suggest keeping the eye makeup subtle by adding a touch of natural pink shade on the lids. Swipe the pink shade on the eyelids from SÉRY Day to Night Eye Shadow Palette – Wake Me Up. Load just a little product on the applicator that comes along with the palette and blend it a little with the finger by dabbing it gently for a natural finish. We will keep the makeup minimal by adding a stroke of highly pigmented Kajal. Take SÉRY Black Pro Ultimate Kajal, which is infused with Rosehip oil, and apply it on the waterline of the eyes. Ensure not to apply too much, just one single stroke will do the work magically. To give this winter wonderland makeup a notch, wiggle a few coats of SÉRY Lash Laminate Mascara and turn the snow queen dream on!

Create Flushed Win-Chilled Cheeks

This step is where things get crafty because we have to create a Rudolph-red nose and rosy cheeks. To attain wind-whipped rosy cheeks always remember, placement is the key. How? While swirling the brush along the apple of the cheeks, always blend it in an upward motion. To make the whole look put together, take SÉRY Oh-So Nice Face Palette – Sugarlacious, the dream palette of many girls because it consists of a contour highlighter and 2 shades of blush. Apply the pink shade that goes well with your skin. Start from one side of the cheek and drag it through the nose to the other side of the cheek, in a W shape. Now, blend it well in a way that it looks like you have a cold nose and chilly cheeks due to the snow.

Create Rosy Lips

This makeup look is all about enhancing the natural flush. To create an impactful look without much effort, keep your pout subtle. A lip liner and lip gloss will do the work. Outline the lips by following the natural lip line with SÉRY Edge it All Lip Liner – Rose Pink. Makeup masters suggest, applying lip liner is important to cover the dryness on the lips and keep the lip makeup intact. Now, you will be extremely thrilled to hear that SÉRY has a wide range of lip gloss in different natural shades too. So, pick the one that complements your lips and goes well with the lip liner. One swipe of SÉRY Butter Shine Lip Gloss will add a perfect finish to the whole look. The best part, this lip gloss is formulated with the essence of Shea Butter which keeps the lip intensely hydrated throughout the day. 

Master this hyped look with the Vegan makeup products of SÉRY and get ready to slay this winter.

Nisha Rathi
Author: Nisha Rathi
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