Ready to Get Set Sery with Amyra Dastur?

Ready to Get Set Sery with Amyra Dastur?

Own the show wherever you go with this dynamic look, Blush Honey by SERY created with Amyra Dastur. Amyra’s aesthetic no-make-up-look perfectly accentuates her natural beauty, with the right shades and tones. This subtle and elegant look needs just a sheer layer of makeup blended well to create a look full of elemental confidence.

SÉRY believes that “A legacy can fulfill its true purpose only when it’s created with passion.” The purpose of SÉRY is to create a line of products that capture the essence of today’s women. SÉRY is here to offer the most convenient choices which ace all brackets and promise you a perfect selfie to secure all the moments of your life. Here’s one for you!

“The most effective look is the one that’s more natural and effortless to carry” Wearing makeup is an important part of a modern woman’s life. It’s like the finishing touches to the grooming process. The best way to stay at the top of your confidence game is through an effortless attempt at being yourself. One makeup look that everyone is admiring and obsessing over is the No-Makeup look, #NudeMakeUp.

Let your natural beauty do the talking. Nude makeup is simplifying your makeup routine with a neutral color palette that blends seamlessly with your skin tone while highlighting your features. Now is the time to take on the easiest makeup challenge.
Blush Honey is just the look you need to nail the day, every day. In this look, eyes and lips take center stage, with light and nude colors that work like wonders, giving you an effortlessly flawless, pleasant, and polished look.

Here’s a step-by-step secret guide to Amyra’s Honey blush look:
1. Opt for a tinted moisturizer just to hydrate your skin. Then create a smooth and natural base with Fix ‘N’ Click Foundation Stick F1 Ivory, a shade that matches your natural skin color.
2. Your blush should have a light tint, similar to your natural tone. To bring that effortless glow, pop some FlashLite Blusher Stick B2 Peony Pearl on your cheeks.
3. Apply FlashLite Highlight Stick H1 Gleam Girl to add some glow to the top of your cheeks and on the bridge of your nose.
4. To add some drama and make your eyelashes look fuller, apply XpressLash Volumizing Mascara evenly.
5. The beauty of the nude look lies in the lip color chosen. Look for a sober shade. Keep it classy with Capture D’ Matte Lasting Lip Color ML08 Naughty Nude.

This look speaks of modern sophistication with a natural alluring charm. You can create this look with ease anywhere, anytime with minimal efforts. So don’t hold back when it’s time to take charge.