Make-Up Vows That Every Female Should Take on International Women’s Day

Make-Up Vows That Every Female Should Take on International Women’s Day

March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day worldwide, a special day to honor the achievements and existence of every woman. However, there are times when her dreams and aspirations are held back and suppressed because of certain taboos and false beliefs. The new-age Indian woman is now more vocal about her rights and goals and looks forward to taking on the world with her vision. Time has changed and society is gradually evolving with the modern outlook, however still sometimes women are generalized with irrational concepts.

Being Confident and Unapologetic of Your Make-up

On the professional front, the women workforce has seen a lot of positive changes, and wearing make-up of choice at work and in public is a normal thing now. By doing that, it not only boosts the confidence of a woman and makes her feel empowered but also adds in the unapologetic factor in her behavior. If applying make-up products makes you convey the best about yourself then be unconditionally unapologetic! SERY Cosmetics’ women’s day campaign “Don’t Be Sorry, Be SERY” swears by the same! This women’s day, take an oath to accept the person you are and below are the points how:

Bring in the Bold Red Lipstick

There are times when you are highly fascinated with bright Red Lipstick but don’t feel confident to wear it in public. If you also spend moments thinking about what people will say, drop this confusion right away. This women’s day, take a pledge to pursue everything that makes you happy or attracts positive energy. And if this means wearing bright red lipstick to work, do that. Get this bold and dramatic look from our favorite pick SERY Stay on Liquid Matte Lip Color in shade Show Stopper and say yes to be a fierce woman!

Get High on Style with Colorful Eye Shadow

If you love the spectrum of bright and vibrant colors on your eyes then Eye Shadow look is a must-carry love for all the make-up buffs. As a woman, no matter what make-up preference you have, flaunt it like a pro. For all the eye shadow lovers, empower you with different designs and shades of eye shadow in matte, satin, high-sheen, and shimmer finish. You can count on the SERY Aurora Eye Shadow Palette for trying all sorts of experimental eye make-up looks and discover your chick vibe!

Gram- Worthy Colored Eyeliner Look

The classic colored eyeliner look is the new go for the eye-make-up fanatics. As a woman, if you feel like a diva with colorful strokes on your eyelids and below the waterline then SERY Statement Eye Definer is the new catch! If you are a spontaneous woman always aiming to try something new then you would surely develop a surge for colored eyeliner that looks so phenomenal. Next time someone makes weird faces seeing your colored eyelids, roll them up to give them a better look at your pigmented eye make-up!

Normalize Being a Make-Up Artist as a Full-Time Job

Being a full-time make-up artist is becoming a significant job role for which women are becoming quite enthusiastic. The ever-green love between a girl and make-up is quite relevant and taking it as a career path is now making them empowered and self-independent. Being a flexible job role, this gives a woman to strike a balance between work and personal life and let her follow her passion as a job.
Anushka Jain
Author: Anushka Jain
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