Make-Up Tips To Follow In The Winter Season

Make-Up Tips To Follow In The Winter Season

The amazing weather of the winter season and fashion trends can never be complete without the winter make-up looks. Summer brings forth a bright and sun-kissed make-up glow but there’s surely something special and alluring about winter make-up. Chill in the air, cold weather, snowfall, the season of Christmas and New Year even make beauty and make-up routine exciting. To get the most of the winter season, it is important to look after the changing skin conditions with the drop in the temperature. Applying make-up in the winter season must be adapted to the change in the skin texture due to cold weather. We have enlisted a few tips that work great while exploring the popular winter beauty trends. 

Winter Make-Up Tips for Glowing Skin

Prep Your Skin before Applying Make-up 

The winter season brings along dry skin and therefore it is beyond important to keep the body moisturized for smooth and supple skin. Before applying any make-up product, use a moisturizer on your bare face to avoid dryness and smoothen the skin surface that eventually helps in even application of foundation and concealer. Moisturizing the skin is technically a skincare tip but it helps the make-up to stay longer on the face. 

Use Eye Make-up with Care Ingredients 

Watering eyes are quite common in the winter season due to cold and harsh wind. With water rolling down can smudge the make-up. To avoid any such situation, you can use eyeliner and Kajal that are long lasting and smudge free. To make your eye-makeup stick for longer hours, prime your eyes with loose powder to avoid excess oil. If you are applying eye shadow, make sure it hydrates the eyes with natural ingredients. 

Say Goodbye to Dry Lips 

Lips dry out easily during the winter season and often get flaky. To get the perfect lip pout this winter season, remember to apply lip products that have rich ingredients to hydrate and nourish the lips. SERY Lip Tint is the perfect combination of care and color and gives luscious and hydrated lips. Lips are very delicate and one needs to take good care to avoid lips getting dry and cracked. Exfoliate them with natural scrub to remove dead skin, improve the tone and texture. Next, apply SERY Creamy Lipstick or lip tint with nourishing and hydrating ingredients. 

Apply Blush on Your Cheeks 

Make your make-up look perfect this winter season with the right blush. All you need is to bring some changes in the way you apply blush and give your skin a natural and beautiful glow. Apply the blush of your choice just above the cheekbones to accentuate and define them. If you want to make your face glowy and radiant then add a hint of color on your cheeks for the dull winter days! 

Just follow these easy winter make-up hacks and stay healthy and beautiful!