How to Create Smoky Eye Look with an Eye Kajal Pencil?

How to Create Smoky Eye Look with an Eye Kajal Pencil?

If you are someone who doesn’t leave home without that black swipe under the eyes then welcome to the club of Kajal lovers! That bold and smoldering look with just one Kajal Pencil makes all the difference. With time, a lot of new eye make-up trends evolved and went away but nothing can beat the sultry look of smokey eyes. From attending weekend dinner with Bae to work parties, black and accentuated eye look will forever be a hit.

As a teenager, we all have experimented with kohled eyes using the basic Eyeliner Pen and Kajal but using the same for creating smokey eyes using rarely crosses our minds. Yes you read that right! Creating smokey look using a soft and creamy Kajal is the easiest and instant way to give a treat of boldness to your eyes. To create celebrity inspired smokey effect, you don’t have to hoard a lot of make-up products. Just get hold of that one Kajal and work on your smudging skills. To find how, read this blog till end.

Step by Step Tutorial to Create Smokey Eye Look Using Kajal

Prep the Eye Lids

We normally apply primer on the bare face to blur the pores and to set a smooth canvas for long lasting make-up. While doing eye make-up, follow the same process. Make sure the lid area is oil free and then prime them well for a smooth eye look. To ensure that eye make-up doesn’t crease, applying Make-up Primer on the eyelids is compulsory. It will ensure that your smokey eye look will stay in one place without budging. 

Apply Neutral Color Eyeshadow

If you are not much of a fan of bold and black eyes then add a tinch of Neutral Eye Shadow on the lids. You can pick any nude shade or light brown color as it will create a smoother base and would save your make-up from looking uneven. The shade that you pick should match the skin tone so that it blends seamlessly and leaves behind natural looking finish. 

Now Add Some Kajal

Pick your Kajal and start underlining the upper and lower eyelids. If you wish for winged smokey eye look then add some wings around your eye corner. Next, take an angled Eyeshadow brush and start smudging the Kajal on the upper eyelids till the crease area with light hands. Apply the Kajal in small sections and blend it gradually to avoid over-application. Start from the outer corner of eyes and take it to inner area. 

Giving Finishing Touches

Once you finish doing the upper crease area, now move to the lower waterline and use the same brush to smear the Kajal. Line the lower lid with one stroke of Kajal to align it. Now set the entire look using black Eyeshadow. Sealing the look with the Eyeshadow will make the eyes look dramatic and more intense. At last, coat your lashes using Black Mascara and complete the look with fuller looking eyelashes. 

And you are done! There’s surely something about smokey eye-look which adds an oomph factor the eyes! Go try these steps out and slay like a complete diva.