How to Choose Foundation Shade According to the Skin Tone

How to Choose Foundation Shade According to the Skin Tone

With a plethora of shades available in the market, it becomes extremely confusing to choose the right shade of foundation. In the quest of finding the perfect shade, you either end up taking a lighter shade or a darker shade. Often, the foundation you pick dries up the skin or makes it look oily. It becomes extremely daunting to get the right one, especially while buying the foundation online. But that doesn’t mean that you should give up on it and settle for the one you have. There is a right technique and way of buying the correct shade. All you need to do is give a quick read to this article and all your foundation queries will be answered. 

First of all, it is vital to understand why we use a foundation. Most of us think it is to look fair and white. But no, it is not the case. Foundation is formulated with properties that even out the skin tone and gives a sheer canvas for the makeup. Now, that we know the primary use of foundation, let’s understand how to select the right shade for your skin tone and skin type.

Understand the Skin Undertone

Understand the Skin Undertone

In order to find the right shade, knowing the undertones plays an important role. Now, you must be wondering what an undertone is.  The subtle color underneath the skin that affects the overall hues and harmonizes with any makeup you apply. Identifying the right undertone is a big makeup game changer. Once you learn about the undertone, picking the right shade of foundation, concealer, and compact powder becomes easy and works like magic on the skin.

There are 3 skin undertones: Cool, Warm, and Neutral.

Cool: To find out if you have a cool undertone, check for the veins on the wrist. If you have blue or purple veins then you have a cool undertone.

Cool Undertone

Warm: If you have a greenish vein, you have a warm undertone. Maximum Indians have a warm undertone.

Warm Undertone

Neutral: It is a mixture of a cool and warm undertone or the undertone that matches or is the same as the skin tone is considered to be a neutral undertone.

Neutral Undertone

How to Find the Right Shade of Foundation for You

How to Find the Right Shade of Foundation for You

Figure out your skin tone

The color on the surface of your skin is known as skin tone. There are three main categories of skin tone: Fair, Medium, and Dark.

Fair: The lightest of all skin tones with a cool or warm undertone.  If you have a fair skin tone, then like Ivory is the ideal pick. SÉRY has curated three shades that will go well with fair skin tones, Ivory, Sand, and Light. The formulation of the SÉRY Foundation is very unique, it gives long-lasting effects without causing any irritation to the skin.

fair skin tone

Medium:  The skin tone is light to medium, which means a little darker than a fair complexion, this falls under a warm or neutral undertone. If you have this complexion then pick the SÉRY foundation shades Light Medium, Medium, and Natural or in-between shades. The soft and smooth texture of SÉRY foundation feels light on the skin and gives a smooth finish.

Dark: The skin tone that is darkest in the skin range, with a mixture of warm and neutral undertones. Shades like Tan and Soft Tan are considered to be ideal for dark skin tones. SÉRY foundation gives medium to full coverage with the buildable finish, which doesn’t make your face look cakey. 


Foundation for a Flawless Base Makeup

Are you one of them whose base makeup somehow goes wrong in spite of complying with all the pre-makeup steps? Well, it is because you may not have chosen the foundation suitable according to your skin type. Always ensure to buy the foundation with a creamy or liquid base if you have normal to dry skin and matte or stick foundation if you have normal to oily skin.

For a long-lasting stay of the makeup use SÉRY Fix ‘N’ Click Foundation Stick, which comes with an in-built applicator and is loaded with SPF 15 that protects the skin from sun damage. The best part is the remarkable formulation of this foundation which is suitable for all skin types because it is packed with Vitamin E. It has a buildable property, use it according to the coverage you desire.

If you want medium coverage then SÉRY Satin Flawless Long Wear Foundation is your partner. It is enriched with hyaluronic acid, which gives long-lasting hydration and nourishment to the skin.  The buildable property of this foundation makes it a unique pick because it can be used on a regular basis by applying a little amount of product and can be used for weddings, parties, and other events by taking the desired amount for the mesmerizing glow.

Tip: For smooth blending of the foundation, use a damped beauty blender for the entire blending process. This ensures to let the foundation seep into the skin and leaves even canvas for base makeup. However, for the powder foundation, it is not required to dampen the blender but for liquid foundation or other types of foundation, it is important to use a damp blender.  

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