How to Apply Mascara Like A Pro?

How to Apply Mascara Like A Pro?

Dramatic and mysterious eyes draw all the attention only because of the Mascara that makes a huge difference with minimal effect. It is another basic make-up product but no eye look is complete without finishing with the last touch of Water-proof Mascara that coats every lash evenly. If you dream of getting fuller, voluminous, and longer eyelashes, knowing the basic guide to applying mascara is a must. To get the most out of this lash-boosting beauty product, find out exactly how you should apply Mascara with these easy-to-follow tips.

Mascara Application Tips to Get Fuller Lashes

    • Clean and Curl Your Lashes First
To create the illusion of fake and heavy eyelashes using Mascara, begin with curling your lashes. Clean your lashes if there’s any oil residue or dirt. Now, get hold of an Eyelash Curler and pre-curl your lashes to give them the curling effect. Open the curler and place the lashes between the clamps. Next, close the clamps and hold on for some seconds and you will get naturally curled lashes in no time.
    • Prime the Eyelashes before Application
Once the lashes have got the right lift, prep them before starting to apply Mascara. Take some baby powder, dip a q- tip and apply some over the lashes. This is another wonderful trick to get fluttery and thicker eyelashes. You can also use a compact Eyeshadow Brush to dust powder as it will help the mascara to cling to the lashes, but don’t overdo it to avoid them looking clumpy.
    • Go Ahead with Mascara
Next start applying Mascara using its wand on the roots by wiggling and making its way to the tips. Avoid gliding the applicator in one direction but swipe upwards to cover the length. This will accentuate the overall look of the mascara giving your eyes more definition. Wipe off any excess product on the brush and use the tip to separate each lash. Repeat the same process for another coat.

Applying Mascara on Lower Lashes

Once you are done coating your upper lashes, continue the same process to apply Eye Mascara on the lower lashes. Scroll down to find out how to do your lower lashes without creating any mess.
  • Make sure lower eyelashes and corner areas are sweat proof and oil-free.
  • Now place a soft tissue below the waterline as you start applying mascara strokes to prevent it from getting under the eye area.
  • Start applying the mascara from the centre of the eyes.
  • Tilt the brush and use the tip to coat the inner corners. Coating the lower lashes makes the overall frame of eyes better and more intense.

Mascara Facts That Everyone Should Know

  • To save your beloved eye make-up product from drying, avoid pumping the Mascara Wand. Instead, whenever you take it out for use, twirl the mascara brush in the tube first and then use it.
  • To lift the lashes efficiently, never curl them after applying Mascara. This will make the lashes look clumpy and smudged.
  • Always check for the extra product on the applicator before you start applying the mascara. Wipe off the excess material so that you don’t add too much to the lashes and make them look cakey.
  • The shelf life of any Eye Make-up Product is limited and you need to remove the old cosmetics that have expired. Hence don’t hoard the Mascara in your make-up kit for more than a few months.
  • To get a super-defined lift, volume, and dense-looking lashes, watches out for the right Mascara Brush. The perfectly shaped wand of SERY Lash Laminate Mascara adds desired results to the lashes without weighing them down.

And that’s how you can flaunt your deep and flirty long lashes without any professional help.